Steve and the Boys in the Kitchen (while Mommy sleeps in!)

On Saturday morning, the following happened in my kitchen…

I was not there. I was still slumbering, dreaming about Angel Food Cake with Lime and Pistachio Drizzles. And Fluffy Coconut Cake…two of the desserts I’d like to try in the next few weeks!

Ooh, ooh…and an amazing benefit to having my Breakfast and Lunch Cookbook finally published, Steve doesn’t have to come in to wake me up when he needs a recipe!!! (He used to come in with a small piece of paper and pencil and quietly ask, “What’s that Ginger Maple Pancake recipe honey?”…to which I would grouchily reply “it’s…..” and proceed rattle off the ingredients while dozing back to sleep.)

I am so NOT a morning person…especially on the weekends. And if you’ve read through the cookbook yet, you already knew that! Total grouch!!!

Don’t you think that Steve should win some kind of husband of the year award?!


  1. Susanne says

    yes he should! did they save you any? I keep forgetting to put pumpkin in my pancakes and waffles … my kiddos would love it! I scored a bunch of cans at Aldi’s after Christmas for real cheap! I did make pumpkin choc chip muffins yesterday — we just finished them off for breakfast :)

  2. Jennifer says

    This last week my husband came home sick on Wednesday and the rest of the week we were all sick. On Friday morning he let me sleep in and made breakfast and tended to the kids. It was so nice! He went back to work today and I miss him being here!

  3. Rhonda Hall says

    Great slideshow….I enjoyed seeing pictures of kids in the kitchen…..
    Steve SHOULD win Husband of theyear award…and FATHER of the year too…
    I miss seeing all these picture’s I used to see at school when Steve was my teacher….
    Congrat’s on the new cookbook, I wanted to get out to The Greene and get a copy autographed but that week I had the bug………
    Delish Dessert Cookbook next????????/

  4. says

    I was trying to pick my husband doing that with three kids (we only have one which is enough of a handful for him). Your husband does deserve an award. I want a day that I get to sleep in and wake up to have waffles (other than the frozen ones which my husband always offers to make). Sorry, I was dreaming about that!! Thanks for the pictures.


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