Steak Salad

I found a little gem at the grocery store last week!  A package of sirloin steak marked down to $2.41.  You could do this meal using iceberg, romaine or other favorite lettuce.  I don’t recommend bagged lettuce unless it is on sale for at least 50% off its original price.  Using a fresh head of lettuce is cheaper and will keep the cost down.  That is, of course, if you don’t mind chopping it up!

I might just have to make this again when my lettuce and tomatoes are ready for harvest!  Hubs could grill the steak. Yum!!!

And this dressing I take NO credit for.  I saw Rachael my new BFF make it for a tomato salad last week and thought it would be PERFECT for this Steak Salad. ;)

1 lb sirloin steak ($2.41) Manager’s Special
1 tsp olive oil ($.02)
1 head of romaine lettuce ($1.49)
1 tomato ($.59)
1 Tbsp A1 steak sauce ($.05)
1/4 cup olive oil ($.20)
1 Tbsp vinegar ($.05)
4-6 Honey Wheat Rolls ($.50) Homemade bread is ALWAYS cheaper than store bought! And tastier too!

P.S.  I slightly modify the above Rolls recipe.  Will post it soon!

1. In large skillet, sear steak in olive oil. Cook on each side for 3-4 minutes, depending on the thickness of the steak. Remove from heat and slice thinly.
2. Chop lettuce using plastic lettuce knife. Dice tomato.
3. Make A1 dressing. In small bowl, whisk A1 steak sauce, olive oil, vinegar with salt and pepper.
4. Make Honey Wheat Rolls. (I start the dough in the bread machine while the kids are eating lunch. Then form the dough into rolls and let rise. I bake them just as I start making the rest of the meal.)

Cost $5.31

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  1. says

    Thanks! I just happen to have some leftover barbecued steak and all of the other ingredients in the house, so this is what I will make for dinner tomorrow.

  2. says

    I am aways on the lookout for deals–you need to go into the store with an open mind, not a menu plan that you are not willing to deviate from. My blog is about meals for the family as well so please come on by.

  3. jan says

    Thanks! What a great inspiration… I had to go to the grocery store this morning and stumbled upon a ‘managers special package’ of 2 small bottom round steaks with a $1 off Q. Smaller size, Good price + dollar off? When I walked past the case again, I noticed there were two more…Of course they went in my cart. I picked up some lettuce, a couple tomatoes and a bag of day-old dinner rolls from their bakery. One and a half steaks were grilled for the salad. The rest of the steaks went to the freezer for future salads.
    Good dinner!

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