Starbucks – Register Your Card, Earn Free Rewards

Get Free Rewards When You Register and Use Your Starbucks Card!!!

We were blessed this Christmas with a number of Starbucks gift cards from family members and friends. And I’m so excited that I can register one of them and get special rewards put onto the card when I use the card.

You can also roll the balance of other cards onto the card that you choose as the rewards card (with the help of the barrista/cashier), and check balance and rewards on your Starbucks account. You can add credit to that card as well, to keep earning those rewards. You can also sign up for text messages about special offers and promos, if you prefer text over email.

To take advantage of these free rewards and offers for your Starbucks card, simple create an account and be on your way to some free lattes!!

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    Thanks for sharing this. I buy my daughter Starbucks gift cards so that she can pick up Chai Teas while studying on campus. I will have her register one of her cards and then I can just add credit to that card.

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