Starbucks – Free Rewards when you register! (A Breakfast Splurge, if you will)

Get Free Rewards When You Register and Use Your Starbucks Card!!!

If you are in need of a little breakfast splurge, here’s a tip for ya!

With the card, you can roll the balance of other cards onto the card that you choose as the rewards card (with the help of the barrista/cashier), and check balance and rewards on your Starbucks account. This works wonders for those leftover holiday cards that have $1.27 and $.86 left on them!

You can also add credit to that card as well, to keep earning those rewards. You can also sign up for text messages about special offers and promos, if you prefer text over email.

To take advantage of these free rewards and offers for your Starbucks card, simple create an account and be on your way to some free lattes!!



  1. Bethany says

    Actually even better. If you register all your cards you don’t have to roll the balances (though it is convenient to do so) and you can do it on their website. When you use registered cards you earn points and get to gold member status where you get discounts all the time (I get 70 cents off cinnamon dolce lattes as soon as they swipe my card) and you get free drinks on your birthday and every time you earn a certain number of stars. There are other rewards too.

  2. Karie says

    Since I recently got turned on to Skinny Caramel Macchiatos, I’ll be sure to register my card to take advantage of this!

    (FYI…the link in the post indicates the offer is expired, but I’ll be heading over to Starbucks’ site to see what I can do.)

    Thanks for the tip!

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