St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Cookies

Simple and delicious St. Patrick’s Day treat…

Oh, chocolate chip cookies. Yummy, yummy cookies.

They’re about to get a little yummier and a little chocolate-ier.

(That might be my new favorite word…chocolate-ier.)

Why don’t we kick it up a few notches this St. Patrick’s Day with these Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookies?!? Who’s with me?!?

I love these because they are simple, easy to make with the kids and uber-delicious.

Any chocolate chip dough recipe will work, but you are going to want to chill it for at least two hours. You want to chill it so it will “form” better and they will bake better too.

place the candies

The kids and I had the most fun together working on this “cookie project,” as they called it. I tasked my older two boys to sort out the mini candies with a crunchy, candy-coated shell into color piles. (The 2-year-old was napping at the time. He would likely have been sampling the candies during the sorting time!)

While the boys sorted, I prepared the dough by rolling it into a “log,” then shaping it into the arch of the rainbow. From there, I flattened the dough down so that the five colors would fit across the dough. Then we each chose a color and started adding the candy to create the “rainbows.”

Next we baked as directed by the recipe. As with any cookie, the dough will spread out…so be sure to get the candy close to the dough.

Once baked you can then get to munching on your rainbow cookies…chasing after that pot of gold on the end of the rainbow!

Hope you enjoy this simple tasty treat this St. Patrick’s Day! What is your favorite St. Patrick’s Day treat?

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