St. Patrick’s Day Pancakes

Got leftover holiday sprinkles?!

I do…and I’ll be using them to make “green pancakes” for St. Patrick’s Day.  Probably for lunch, as we’ll be having Irish Soda Bread Wedges for breakfast with “Green Smoothies” (more on those tomorrow!).

Super quick story…

St. Patrick’s Day was my absolute favorite holiday to celebrate when I was in elementary school.

Not because of the prospect of finding a pot of gold. Not because of the beautiful rainbows. Not because of the prospect of finding a 4 leaf clover in the clover patch (and trust me, I spent plenty of time looking!).

But because at least 1 teacher in each wing would have the following spelled out on their door.

Erin Go Bragh!

And I TOTALLY THOUGHT that this was MY HOLIDAY!  In all my 9 year old innocence, I thought these teachers were decorating for me.  I mean, come on. Erin on a door in each wing.  I thought I was so special!!!

So in honor of my 3rd grade teacher putting MY name on the classroom door for a week in March…

And we made some cloverleafs as well!

(My Dad gave Steve (the wonderful and amazing pancake maker) this super cool “pancake pen” for Christmas.  That’s what I used for the writing and for the outside of the cloverleaf.)

(Oh, and there’s no recipe here.  Use your favorite pancake recipe, add green sprinkles until the batter turns the color green you want it.  I reduced the sugar by 1/4 cup in the recipe too. And you could always just add green food coloring.  But the sprinkles are more fun!)

What fun foods or activities are you planning with your family for this St. Patrick’s Day?!


  1. Rachel G says

    I always get the kids a gold dollar coin that the leprechaun hides in my clover weeds along with some chocolate gold coins.

  2. says

    We are heading out of town on St. Pat’s this year, but I think I will still have time to make a batch of green pancakes first! Thanks for the idea! :-)

  3. says

    I don’t usually associate this holiday with pancakes. Then again, I spent my teen years reading the Wall Street Journal, so maybe I missed the trend.

    Oh well, The Weekly Marketeer now has an “About” page, which will clearly explain what the heck is going through my brain. Right now? Green pancakes.

    Cheers! The Marketeer.

  4. MC says

    Each year a Leprechaun makes it in to our house and changes the water in the all the toilets to green and the milk! We have set traps but can’t quite catch him! What a fun day to add green pancakes too! Thanks for sharing!

  5. maria says

    Our 8 year old is an avid Leprechaun hunter! Last year she came close, he left her chocolate gold and a note telling her she got too close for his comfort a few times ! He also turns our milk green! I make a loaf of bread, adding grren and orange food coloring to a 1/3 of the dough and use that for lunch time sanwiches. Corned beef and cabbage for sure and usually green velvet cake for dessert!

  6. Jenny says

    What a cute idea! I’ve just placed the pancake pen in my cart on Amazon. We’ll be having green sweet rolls and smoothies for breakfast, green milk to drink, and probably some chicken enchiladas with salsa verde and guac for dinner.

  7. Shannon says

    My sister was born on Veteren’s Day, so when she was younger she always thought we had the day off from school to celebrate her birthday!

  8. says

    My oldest child is named Patricia and for several years she thought St. Patty’s day was her day. Fortunately, when she learned the story of St. Patrick she enjoyed it and has been willing to share the day with him. :)

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