Square Foot Gardening – Update on Lane’s Garden

Back in the end of May, I introduced you all to Lane and her garden, then filled with seedlings.  Well, I’d say she’s had a successful year in her garden this year…and thought you might like to see some of their harvest!

From Lane – Wanted you to know that we just crossed over the 40 pound mark in veggies harvested!!

We have been weighing everything we harvest each time and keeping a log.  As of today – our total harvest weighs in at 41.7 pounds.

Check out the volunteer squash plant that came up from her compost pile!

If you’d like to check out Lane’s fantastic harvest, and see for yourself the possibilities of square foot gardening, then stop my Lane’s Garden Project!

How has your garden harvest been this summer?!  Are you still harvesting?!


  1. Mary W says

    Here in San Diego I can garden year round. In 2010 I’ve harvested a bit over 250 pounds of veggies so far plus other 90 pounds or so of citrus fruit. My veggie raised beds are about 80 square feet of space.

    I’m still harvesting zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, chard, green beans and herbs. Cucumbers, okra and winter squash are over. My best bang for the buck was a $2 Sungold tomato seedling. I’ve harvested over 2700 cherry tomatoes (no that is not a typo) from that one plant. Last year it went until November when I put it out of its misery.

  2. says

    I’m still harvesting here in Southern Ontario (although we’ll probably get an overnight frost soon!) I’m getting a few cherry tomatoes and Romas, the last of the second planting of green beans, and lots of herbs that I need to get around to cutting and drying. My main harvest of sweet peppers is yet to come – I’m waiting on them to finish turning red. My jalapeno plant is still producing as well. I also have some arugula and spinach that I planted a few weeks ago that I’m hoping to get a harvest from (I got a good crop of both in the spring). The arugula is looking very good, the spinach is kind of poking along. I’m going to start covering them at night and hopefully I’ll get some more greens before winter comes!

  3. Cheryl says

    This was my first year gardening & I’m pretty discouraged. We set up 3 square foot gardening beds, are currently using only 2. I know I got started LATE for central Ohio (we moved into the new place end of May). I have harvested 40 radishes, 3 sugar snap peas, 6 zucchini & a lot of cilantro. The zucchini was wiped out within the past 2 weeks; we think by a stinkbug. The tomatoes finally came in but none have turned red (How long does it take a tomato to turn red?) Out of 3 green pepper plants I’ve had 3 green peppers. I’m not sure if it’s because we got started so late, we had such a hot spell in July & August or if I had really bad soil (couldn’t find any good compost) I am hoping we have a better season next year ….but it is already looking like we need to find a new place to rent & our lease is up in May.

    • Cathy says

      Hi Mary W.

      What are you planting now in February. I was thinking putting in lettuce now or is it too early, especially with all of this rain.


  4. says

    Tomatoes take anywhere from 55 days to 75 days to produce mature tomatoes. Early girls and Siberian tomatoes are fairly large tomatoes than ripen in under 60 days. I hope you have a late fall so you can enjoy more from your garden!

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