Square Foot Gardening Update #2

As you can see, I added some trellises (any English grammar people out there…is that a word?  And is that how you spell it?) and I hung some twine for the peas to climb up. 

And I’ve been battling the oak tree (of which we have like 20 in the yard!) seedlings that have been dropping all over.  Every day.  Every hour!  I managed to not allow any in the garden long enough to sprout into mini oak trees! 

And I’ve spotted a chipmunk inside the rabbit fence.  Anyone know if a chipmunk can squeeze through chicken wire?  Any experiences with that?  Thinking chicken wire reenforcements to the rabbit fence might help.  But I know that chipmunks are skinny little boogers and might be able to squeeze through even chicken wire.  Don’t want to buy it if it’s not going to work!  Suggestions welcome :)

Here is the photo from 2 weeks ago, so you can see how much each square has filled in!

The boys are just fascinated with the garden and watching each different plant grown and change shape.  And it never ceases to amaze me how soil, water, sun and a seed can produce such beauty!  A true gift of His creation!


  1. says

    I am envious of anyone who has enough sunshine to garden. I myself live in a totally tree covered plot in suburbia and must rely on co-ops and good sales for my fresh veggies. Which stinks because I grew up with a large garden and have nothing but fond memories. Keep up the good work! By the way, chipmunk can definitely fit through chicken wire. I recommend finding some netting or screen ( like you get for screen doors) and wrapping that around the chicken wire. That’s what we used to do when I was a kid.

  2. says

    I wish I had seen this type of gardening before I started mine this year. I am going to utilize it next time though, for sure! It looks so neat and organized. Not that mine is not, but you can fit so much more in there!

    “Trellises” is indeed a word, and you spelled it correctly! As for the chipmunks, depending on how wide the holes in the chicken wire are, they may be able to squeeze through. I’ve seen items at places like Lowes (or your local farm supply store) that would probably work. They have a wide array of mesh and fencing with smaller holes that I’d be suprised if a mouce could fit through!

  3. Joan Garneau says

    Beautiful garden!! I have always wanted to make a square foot garden and it looks as if yours is working very well for you. And yes, trellises is correct. I think a chipmunk can probably get through chicken wire.

  4. says

    This is a great idea. I wish I would have done this. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I am sure it makes weeding very easy. Nothing like fresh veggies and watching them grow.

  5. says

    I dunno… chipmunks are pretty small… I don’t know what all sizes chicken wire comes in, I know it comes in “big” and “small” as far as the sizes of the holes. I think there’s also something called “rat wire” – it might have smaller holes. If you have a feed/seed/farm supply store where you can go, they could probably tell you what size would work best, if it would work at all.

  6. says

    Your garden looks great! I don’t know about chipmunks but don’t they eat nuts and seeds more than plants?? I’m afraid we’re going to regret not having any fencing around ours to keep out the rabbits. We just put the trellis up yesterday and I need to take pics and post another update on my blog. I’ve done several updates and they have been popular. Everybody’s gardening this year – all the cool people, anyway 😉

  7. says

    Looks great! I can’t wait to do my square gardening project next spring. About the chipmunk….it can easily climb right over any type of fence. Will it bother anything in your garden? I never had a problem with chipmunks but did with squirrels a few years back when they dug up my corn plants. They pullled up the seed part of the corn that was already about 6 inches tall.

  8. Kristi R says

    I’ve heard that human hair keeps squirrels away, I wonder if it works for chipmunks? Beautiful garden either way.

  9. says

    Your garden looks great. I was curious what you built the boxes out of? Do they have a bottom? I’m jealous. We are moving out of the country this summer and am not going to be able to have a garden…but maybe in my new home.

  10. Bethany says

    I want to try this method of gardening next year too. Would be wonderful for all my spices that I plant.

  11. says

    Looks great! We are container gardening this year (our first in the new house) while we figure out where everything is going and before we pull out our copy of SFG. I love that you put flowers in there too, we usually put in calendula and nasturtiums for color and for salads.

  12. says

    That is looking great! way to go. I am harvesting now. We are in AZ the budget is just lovin it!
    I enjoy your blog. I am often so busy as to not comment.
    Your doing a great job!

  13. Reneesg says

    Your garden looks really nice! I really like your technique and will be passing it on.

    My daughter has limited space so she tried gardening without a garden. You purchase top soil bags, cut slits in the bottoms for drainage then turn over and cut openings for your plants or seeds. Once planted, you cover the bag with mulch and you’re done. Practically weed free.

    I have chipmunks run amuk here and they have dug under the chicken wire fences. We put the wire into the ground about 4 inches and that stopped them. Usually chicken wire has 1″ hexagons and about the first foot up has wire rinning across to make those hexs even smaller. It seems that those buggers can get into anywhere it they really want to. They say that mothballs work but you don’t want those around small children and pets. Also plastic baggies attached to a small stick or a beachball will scare them away. The wind will blow the baggie causing noise and the beachball will blow around the yard. They don’t like alot of movement so they will go somewhere else.

  14. says

    I am seriously jealous. We planted a square foot garden this year too. But so far not much is happening. i think we’re in a colder climate than you. But the other big factor is that I don’t think it’s getting enough sunlight. We have so many trees in our back yard, we haven’t yet found a spot that gets 6-7 hours of direct sunlight per day. It’s a bit frustrating.

    • says

      Sharon- Right now the garden is getting about 3.5 hours of sunlight. It should get close to 6 during the summer months. We did get fresh manure to mix in the soil. I think that is playing a large part. What kind of fertilizer do you use?

  15. says

    Your garden is fabulous! I’m new to your site after a friend recommened. Well done! My question is – I see your garden site is surrounded by brick. Is there brick…underneath your garden?
    I’m asking because I have the most perfect spot at our new home for a square foot garden – it is even walled off. The problem I discovered while weeding is that the bottom is all concrete. Can I grow plants in there with a concrete floor? There is soil/sand in it right now, complete with all the weeds you can handle. So, I’m sure that plants could grow in there as well, I just wasn’t sure.
    It’s such a great spot that gets just the right amount of sun and shade. I’d hate to see it turned into a sandbox!

  16. Melissa says

    It looks beautiful. I thought I followed the directions perfectly for mine, but the leaves are yellow and things are growing way too slowly in mine.

  17. says

    Your garden looks great. What did you use to mark off your squares? I’ve heard that string isn’t sturdy enough, so I’m wondering what else I should try.

  18. says

    Masking tape? That is a great Idea! I’ll have to try that. I didn’t want to invest $15-$20 in the wood or vinyl strips from the official Square Foot Gardening site.

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