Square Foot Gardening Update #12


Thus far my green pepper plant has produced 2 nice size green peppers.  And all of a sudden it has 5 growing at once.  With several more little buds sprouting too!  I’m hoping these will be ready for my next round of spaghetti sauce canning!!!


These 2 look more like “bell” peppers.  The others have been just long and skinny.


I continue to harvest tomatoes every few days.  There are LOTS more green tomatoes.  I love looking out the kitchen window each morning to see how they’ve changed color. 

Green. Green-ish Orange.  Orange-y Red.  Pale-ish Red.  Bright Red.


Surprise!  Here are 2 little squash plant sprouts (that I did not plant!).  Came out of nowhere.  The other 2 yellow squash plants succumbed to powdery mildew.  But these little guys have magically appeared.  I’m not sure they have time enough to grow before it gets too cool…but I’m watering them anyways!  I’ll give them a chance!!!


And the mint.  The mint has taken over one of the other pots.  And is not on the verge of taking over another.  It has jumped into its neighbor pot…who sits at least 12 inches from the mint pot?!?  Seeds on a breezy day landed in just the right spot!

It’s exciting to see these new little sprouts, and to have some fresh, healthy mint to pick!

I can’t believe the summer is “officially” over this weekend.  Although I hold onto it as long as possible!

How is your garden doing???  Still harvesting some yummy fruits, veggies and herbs???


  1. says

    While I did not do much of a garden this year (just some tomatoes in containers), I’ve certainly enjoyed watching your’s. This is what I plan on doing next year.

    Now my tomatoes, I got a few and I have about 7 on the vines now, but they won’t turn red. I think it’s just too cold now.

  2. says

    Mint is VERY aggressive. Glad you planted it in a pot and not straight into the ground. We lived in a home where the previous occupant had planted mint, and it was taking over all around the house, no matter how often I went out and pulled it all out.

  3. says

    My bell pepper plants, after growing large all summer with no fruit, have suddenly started to produce peppers too! I have 2 large peppers and several babies! I was so excited to find them the other day. I’d all but given up (I was watering with hope, but wasn’t giving it much else!). I have more basil than I know what to do with, however. Made a batch of pesto, but will need to make another!

  4. says

    Erin be careful with that mint. Mint spreads to yards too…and it is a mess to get rid of…I couldnt believe what I had to do to get rid of it. Your garden looks great. My garden is winding down. :) Summer is over….sad but true. Putting the pool up this weekend.

  5. dawn says

    i used organic miracle-gro for the first time ever this year, and am having unbelievable results!!! got everything in pretty late (thus the MG), but my brandywines are all producing HEAVILY and nice large tomatoes!! the cukes were unusually productive as well. broc just kept leafing & never broc’d, and the bell & jalapeno peppers are disappointing w/ quantity. we have banana peppers out our ears but nobody likes them! LOL! Cut back all the basil today, down to first set of leaves on each stem, to see if it’ll give us another round. harvested the last of the two watermelons (LOL) and pulled the plants up; put in lettuce, chard, and bok choy. (the last two have been planted three times so far and only ONE PLANT of each has come up. i’ll find another seed supplier next year.) also planted more bush beans and cabbage. it may be too late for any of those, but i’m starting to feel like the grasshoppers who didn’t stock up for winter!! LOL

    check out this awesome-looking tomato sauce recipe. i’ll be trying it tomorrow with my two windowsills full of tomatoes!!

  6. Jennie says

    My garden did well, until Late Blight hit the tomatoes and i lost 40 pounds of them, Potatoes out of 10 plants got 13 potatoes, they also got late blight. Cucumbers are just starting to grow, along with squash, and zukes. Radishes and lettuces was an ok harvest. Watching the Brussel Sprouts, carrots, and parsnips as the are starting to show signs that they might be a good harvest this yr.

  7. Nicole Rod says

    I planted an herb garden for the first time this year, but didn’t really know what I was doing. Only my basil survived. Next year I will buy more mature plants and maybe I can avoid killing them. I am in Colorado- the soil is bad, it’s dry, and the sun is brutal. But it was fun to try!!!

  8. says

    Yep. Watch out for that mint. you will have it everywhere. I did not realize this and planted some in a flower bed one year. It took 2 years to get it out of our yard!!!!! I enjoy your garden. I didn’t get to one this year b/c of a kitchen remodel so I am living through yours!

  9. Rebecca says

    Didn’t plant much of a garden this year, but I’m planning for fall planting and getting ready to try some SFG next spring. We planted some herbs and flowers in a plastic kiddy pool for our two Hermann’s tortoise hatchlings, and those plants did pretty well. I thought the parsley was dead and gone but it just recently popped back up with a vengeance. Planted mint in the tortoise garden and it took over! The other plants held their own against it, but it spread to all the available space.

    Good thing I love mint :)

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