Square Foot Gardening – Transplants, Replants, Harvests

We have started eating lettuce from the garden…should last for the next few weeks.

And using up some herbs in a few meals. That’s it so far on the harvest front!

As for the transplants and replants…I took up the spinach and some of the other greens that just didn’t grow well for me this year. :(

I have replaced them with a zucchini plant, and will plant some bush bean plants as soon as I can get some of the right seeds. (That story below.)

Scenes from Around the $5 Dinners Garden

Pesky chipmunk. The Critter Ridder is not working.  I’m like a mama bear when it comes to my plants. You just don’t mess with them. Or else…

The stick frame – It ain’t pretty. But it’ll do the job!

So I went to plant my bean seeds (on June 1st, of course) and much to my dismay surprise, I had grabbed a package of POLE green beans…when in fact I wanted BUSH green beans.  Probably doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that I had all 3 boys with me while I was buying my garden seeds earlier this year.

I was probably distracted or yelling “Get down from that lawn mower right now.” (No really, I wasn’t yelling that. or was I?!..my kids would never climb on the riding lawn mowers while their mom was looking for the wrong kind of seed packets. Or would they?)

So back to the beans…I planted the pole beans anyways. And decided that rather than going back to the store to get some sort of structure for the beans (and risking the boys climbing on said riding lawn mowers and actually driving one out the front door…as I have no doubt they’d be capable of figuring out how to do), I’d just make a structure myself with a few of the thousands many sticks that we have from all the trees in our yard.

Sticks and twine = FREE

Buying a structure from the store = Cost of structure + cost of replacing the front doors of the store

These are the green beans…the pole green beans. After just 11 days, they have reached to the first level of twine and I have no doubt will be up to the second and third levels in no time.

Peas. Finding their happy place on the twine.

Our first little tomato of the year.

And finally…

Next week’s Grow. Eat. $ave. – YELLOW SQUASH

Get those yellow squash recipes ready to share next Saturday!!!

If you’d like to learn more about Square Foot Gardening, please check out the Square Foot Gardening books by Mel Bartholemew.

We just LOVE hearing what’s happening in your garden each week!!!

Whether it’s small harvest, or a large one, we wanna know! Feel free to link up your blog post below…or leave an update in the comments!!!


  1. says

    I got the pole beans too, on purpose. I didn’t realize how tall they get or I might have gotten the bush variety! 4 ft poles are no where near big enough, lol. Live an learn I guess

  2. says

    Do you know if cucumber will climb supports? I planted them in a couple of squares and its becoming quite evident that they are going to “go places”, which will make for a very unhappy lawnmower man.
    Any suggestions?

    • says

      Yes, we have ours on supports, actually A-frames and twine. They do well when climbing and they are much easier to harvest. You also don’t have to worry about them getting bad on one side from lying on the ground.

  3. says

    Mine is all planted now. Will update soon. Our weather is finally going to warm up and not rain! It rained so hard on Wed. morning that I had visions of my little garden floating away. But seems to be ok! The rain showers didn’t last long. Will see how soon the beans will sprout! Loved your story of boys and trying to buy things while shopping. It is hard but that’s what mom’s do! Hugs!

  4. Eric says

    In response to cucumbers — they will climb, although ideally I don’t think they are supposed to. I grow mine in a corner of my fence and they climb the fence. It makes harvesting easier — they just hang from the fence.

    Beautiful Pix BTW.

  5. says

    I do better with pole rather than bush type beans for some reason. Last yr. we got split bamboo poles(very cheaply at the garden center)and made teepees(3 poles and use twine to tie them together at the top). We put these up every 3 ft. or so and strung twine between them too. The tomatoes and pole beans loved these to tangle and twist around! Sticks would work too for the teepees if you have long ones…

  6. says

    I had to pull the spinach too. After I wrote my update and did a little reading we started to enjoy our lettuce too!

    Love, love the peas. It’s amazing that we have had two servings each of garden veggies on our plates a few times this week! It’s so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. says

    LOVE your homemade trellis. I refuse to pay for stuff like that. My trellis this year is 2 metal poles with string criss-crossing them. :) I’m all about gardening on the cheap.

  8. Leanne Moringlanes says

    We had a nasty hail storm here last night and we lost most of our garden. Most of our plants (tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini) still have roots and some stalks sticking out of the ground but no leaves or buds growing. Does anyone know if these plants might make a comeback with a little TLC or do I need to start over?

  9. says

    @leanne-It’s worth it to leave them & see if maybe they’ll come back. I’d give it a couple of days and see if you can find any developing leaves. You just never know! After a few days if you see nothing, you’ll probably have to pull it and buy plants to transplant. Sorry about that hailstorm. :(

    • Leanne Moringlanes says

      @Dorothy, Thanks for some hope. We still have some blossoms and a few tomatoes on our plants, so we may be allright there and our peas and lettuce seem to be bouncing back, but the rest is hanging in there. Not sure about our zucchini & cucumber plants and we definitely lost all of our herbs and our pepper plants herbs. Will give it a little more time and see what happens.

  10. says

    We used seeds from last year for lettuce and carrots. The lettuce didn’t really do anything. Hopefully the carrots will grow. Our spinach did nothing either. And for some reason I’m pepper challenged. The leaves on the bell peppers keep falling off the stems. But the strawberries did great, the peas are producing and we’ve got little tomatoes.

  11. says

    can you help me with our lettuce?
    my dad always taught me to cut the leaves….that way they will grow back and you have lettuce all summer.
    what we planted, the photo shows it to be head lettuce. My boyfriend is not allowing me to cut leaves saying it needs to turn into heads…..I’m thinking it will just go to waste as I see no way it will turn into a whole head.
    What should we do?

    • says

      @Marsha Seiberling,

      In order to cut the leaves and have it grow back you need to plant something other than head lettuce. From the head lettuce you get 1 head and pull the whole thing. We planted Bibb lettuce which is a butterhead variety and another wavy leaf lettuce and we have harvested 2-3 times.

    • says

      @Marsha Seiberling, Harvest head lettuce as a head; it is looseleaf lettuce where you can cut the sides leaves. You can harvest along time in your live somewhere where it doesn’t get too hot; our lettuce bolted, as it’s been in the upper 90’s. I grow lettuce here in the fall-through spring. If you live in a cooler climate, you can also plant a fall crop of lettuce.

  12. says

    Garden update!! This afternoon I checked and a wax bean sprout(stalk) has come through the soil since last evening. Also carrots! The 80 degree weather yesterday must have helped. Yippee!!

  13. says

    I love the homemade supports! We had to come up with something when our twine gave out on one of our supports. The sticks are a great idea! We went to the farmer’s market Saturday and got a big bag of beans since ours were not ready yet and today I went out to the garden and got about the same amount we had bought! So I guess the trick to getting things to grow fast in the garden is to go buy what you want to harvest!! (I am sure the ton of rain and 95 degree weather had some hand in it too!)

  14. says

    Bunnies ate my beets & carrots (but oddly enough left the peas) in my bag garden, so since I was putting in a fence (with mostly DH’s help) anyway I convinced him to build me a raised bed the equivalent of two square foot garden blocks. So excited!

  15. Cathy says

    We, too, are being “attacked” by chipmunks. They have holes everywhere and are getting braver. I’m sending a link that is really helpful …it involves a bucket of water and sunflower seeds…(if you don’t mind permenantly getting rid of them). We started this past weekend and it really works. Looks wierd – but works!!! Good luck…love the site! Cathy


    • says

      I’m sorry but that is cruel! And BAD lesson to teach children that to solve a problem with an animal just kill it. There are humane ways to control chipmunks.

      • Cathy says


        I’m so sorry – that was not my intent and you really have hurt my feelings with your curt comment…a bit mean spirited and this has left me feeling a bit down right now. A better choice of words would have told me I was wrong or that you disagreed. Talk about a bad lesson to teach children…words hurt!!! I certainly have learned that people can be cruel, too…

  16. says

    Love the homemade supports! We had all of these electric fence poles, so that and wire is what we used for our peas and around the garden. This week so far we’ve harvested yellow squash, a huge zucchini, a couple of cucumbers, endless peas and green beans and about 10 tomatos. I had to pull the spinach too. Loving what it’s doing to my grocery bill!!!!

  17. says

    My butternut squash vines are going NUTS! They’ve developed beautiful big blossoms this week…we may be up to our ears in butternut squash soon(ish). We got two pounds of green beans and have at least another two on the bushes now…and three pounds of spinach, AND our first fully ripe cherry tomato. Corn is hip-high, pumpkin plants starting up, and one of the beans is starting to curl around the corn! Wheeeeee!

  18. says

    Our green beans have gone crazy. Our tomatoes are almost ready. Our zucchini plants are dying because of squash borers. Does anyone have a solution?

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