Square Foot Gardening – Peppers Harvest

Late last week, I harvested a few different peppers…1 red pepper, 3 green peppers that started to turn red, even though their little plant indicator sign said they would be green peppers, and 1 green pepper.  Also, I picked off 2 jalapeno peppers and 1 banana pepper.

We are still getting a nice steady stream of green beans and tomatoes.  Just enough for dinner every other night now, and tomatoes for my salads at lunch!

And the seeds for the fall planting are sprouting nicely.  We’ll see…(I’m hoping the birds stay away!)

In other happy harvesting news, it looks like I’ll be getting at least 1 eggplant!!!  And I see more flowers budding, so hopefully that means more. :)

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What have you been harvesting recently?!  Do share!

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  1. says

    My sweet pepper harvest has been really crappy this year. I got one pepper, while my neighbor has been harvesting tons of them. I need to find out her secret. I have gotten a few jalapenos and I have been using them in my salsas and my roasted tomato sauce.

    Thanks for the carnival.

  2. says

    My peppers are going crazy. It really does seem like they grow overnight! I am chopping what I can’t use now and freezing it. It will be a fun blast of summer to pull from the freezer this winter!

  3. says

    Congrats on the veggies! I’m having the toughest time getting seeds to sprout and then keeping them from the slugs- ugh!

    On the peppers turning red: I was surprised to learn years ago from Organic Gardening that ALL peppers will turn a color as they ripen and that green peppers are just unripe peppers. That’s why green peppers are so much more bitter than colored ones…and why colored ones are more expensive in the stores. I don’t like green peppers, so I was happy to learn I could just wait until they turned to get the delicious true “sweet” pepper. Too bad where I live it takes a LONG while to get them to ripen fully- I try all kinds of season-extending things. :-)

    BTW, love your new look- very easy to find things!

    Happy gardening!

  4. Samantha R says

    I was going to say what Jami did – we learned that a few years ago as well :) We are waiting for more tomatoes to ripen before we harvest our peppers so we can make salsa – By the time we get enough tomatoes we will probably have red peppers instead of green too. (We have TONS of green tomatoes) In the mean time, we are enjoying the handful of ripe tomatoes we have with dinner!

  5. Irene D. says

    Got a few eggplants so far. Mostly the Japanese variety. My peppers are loaded and we had a green bean bonanza this year. I’m hoping the weather holds out so the peppers that I have can grow.

  6. esther says

    We have tons of tomatoes, so we’ve canned them, made salsa, sauce, and juice too!
    But we also have lots of green peppers — any ideas? I’m not a good cook by any stretch of the imagination!

  7. JTG says

    Something ate the leaves off my green peppers, and I had about 6-7 plants. I put up chicken wire, and it still ate the leaves off. The same thing happened with my squash flowers. A beautiful flower would appear and the next day it was cut clean off and was on the dirt. I sure wish I knew what that was. We have lizards in the backyard but don’t know if they do stuff like that. Enjoy your peppers! It’s off to the supermarket for me.

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