Square Foot Gardening – Critter Edition

The Critters

Can you see the hole?  Below the marigolds, and under the shadow of the onions. That must be where my toad lives.

(If you haven’t read the frog toad adventures yet, here is part 1 and part 2.)

Either that or a chipmunk has to burrow.  If that is the case, I’ll be spreading Critter Ridder all over. And if that doesn’t work, I’m going for the big guns. Coyote Urine!

That should keep him out!

Some other critters I have found in the garden this past 2 weeks…

Perhaps feathers from a Canadian goose. They are EVERYWHERE these days and I have no doubt they are capable of trying to reach over my fence and nibble on something.

Perhaps the work of a little boy?!? Not sure if the basil (upper left) will make it. Time will tell.

And look who we have here.  Hello, Mr. Rabbit.

I dare you to try to get my lettuce. I double dog dare you!!!

(Sorry about the fuzziness. They were taken from inside the kitchen window. I’m off to get some Windex now.)

Sniff. Sniff.

Oh man. It’s so close I can almost taste it!

The Garden


I’m surprised that Steve hasn’t started pinching off leaves for his sandwiches. I bet he’ll read this and start next week!

The New Garden

There is just something basic and fundamental about tilling the earth, planting seeds and growing your own food. Something nostalgic.

So here is our new garden. Planted while drizzling. Because once I start something, I have to finish.

And the tomato plants in their new home. Now grow up big and strong, OK?!?

That’s it from me.

If you’d like to learn more about Square Foot Gardening, please check out the Square Foot Gardening books by Mel Bartholemew.

We love reading about what’s happening in your garden each week!!!

Whether it’s small harvest, or a large one, we wanna know! Feel free to link up your blog post below…or leave an update in the comments!!!


  1. says

    You have a Peter Rabbit! Or I guess it could be Benjamin Bunny, although he was pretty careful to stay out of Mr. MacGregor’s garden…

  2. says

    In my weekly recap I posted about my bag garden, and how it is sprouting, yay! I also show my husband’s hop garden and some herbs I am growing in containers.

  3. says

    I think we have toads too. We saw one when we were tilling and planting but I haven’t actually seen it since then but every time I go out to the garden I’m filling in a hole in the corner. Same spot every time.

  4. Larissa says

    speaking as a canadian…those canadian geese are a true nuisance! hope it’s not them going for your garden…they make an awful mess!

  5. says

    Your garden is really coming around. Your lettuce is looking great. I’m looking forward to starting a container garden at our new apartment.

  6. Deborah Anderson says

    I wish I could have a beautiful garden like yours. I live in an apartment so I have a balcony garden. I do have 2 beautiful tomato plants & several herbs growing in pots . . . maybe next year I can expand what I grow . . .

    Thanks for a great site!
    Deborah aka BigMama

  7. Beth says

    The garden looks great. Ours is showing progress this week. We’ve had a decent amount of rain and I didn’t have to water. I have chicken wire around my garden to keep out rabbits. They destroyed all my garden 2 yrs. ago. Last year I found a box turtle had burrowed in and was “hiding’ in my green beans. Can’t wait for the next sfg update.

  8. Mary says

    I’d love to garden but with water restrictions it would be virtually impossible. We are now only allowed to water between 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

    I do plan on planting some pots of basil in self-watering containers as it’s too late for sugar snap peas. They would fry in the hot desert sun….if it ever warms up here. Normally we are in the 100s by now but it’s only 70 degrees outside.

    Love the bunny and I do believe Beatrix Potter would love it!

  9. Clara says

    I remember the year the birds ate more of our heirloom tomatoes than we did. Had to place an artificial owl in the middle of the garden since then to scare them off.

  10. Irene D. says

    I can’t believe the rabbit is inside the fence. We’re having a problem with something eating our strawberries. Any suggestions?


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