Square Foot Garden Update #8

Things are looking good in the garden this week!  I harvested 2 more summer squash, as well as the first tomato.  {Makes me want to shed a tear…the little ‘mater grew up so fast!}

The tomato went into “the summer side dish”…also known as the recipe without a name!  I thought about calling it the Chickpea, Corn, Cucumber, Tomato, and Garlic Salad…but that’s just a mouthful.  Summer side dish will have to do!


There’s a shot of my green pepper…aerial view.

And 1 of 5 cubanero peppers that have grown in now.  And yes, it is sitting sideways on the plant.  I did not forget to rotate that picture!  The branch this pepper is growing on has taken a bit of a dive…so the pepper is now laying on its side.  Because I’d like to use the pepper in some salsa once more tomatoes ripen, I’m thinking I might have to pick these and freeze them.


There’s me…picking that first tomato!


Me again!  Thrilled to have my first tomato of the season…with many more to come! 

There are quite a few cherry tomatoes that have turned red…I’m just waiting to pick them until there are enough to use in a pasta salad…likely mid-week!

Anyone have any garden updates…I’d love to stop by to see picts!!!  Leave a link!


  1. says

    I need to take some new garden pics. I don’t blame you for being excited about your tomato! And your peppers look great. All the leaves fell off my green pepper plants and there’s only a stem and a couple of top leaves. Only got one tiny pepper. I have no idea why that happened.

  2. Lindy Abbott says

    That is great! Gardens are so much fun. I wish I would have known you were doing this on your website. I have all the books on square foot gardens, read all to prepare, but never seem to get it going when it is season to plant. I need to just go ahead of plan the gardens and put in what I can for next planting time.


  3. says

    Tell me you don’t live in Canada…my tomato is about the size of a penny. And that is the beefsteak size tomato plant. I am currently having serious garden envy

    • says

      No Connie…a little south of Canada…SW Ohio to be exact! It’ll be a while before the other tomatoes are ready! This one was an early bloomer!

  4. says

    I have been visiting your site for a few days, and I love it! You have so many great ideas.

    I noticed that this is an update of your ‘square foot garden’. I was just curious how you got that name.

    I cant wait until I get my zucchini. There are flowers, but no squash yet – we planted a bit late. I am also hoping for a few beans too, I did manage to get some flowers. This is the first year we have planted a ‘ghetto garden’ in pots in the backyard because we have so little space. We only planted a few things, but it is going well and I cant wait to eat it all!

  5. says

    Hi there! Thanks for all you do to help us keep the cost low in making meals. I recently posted the latest on our garden. I started the tomato plants at home from seeds, then put them into pots. We have some friends who garden quite a bit, so my husband transplanted the tomatoes and planted seeds for cucumber, zucchini, squash and carrots in their plot of land. We live in a condo, so we were unable to do things here. The link to mine is: http://theoscreativecorner.blogspot.com/2009/07/my-garden-sharing-with-friends.html

  6. says

    We use the lasagna garden method and our garden has been so awesome this year, best ever! This year I ordered my starter plants from Burpee. I bought a multi pack with six different tomatoe’s, one being called “July 4th”. True to their name, my first one to be picked was ready July 3rd. LOL We have had tons since. We are gardening nerds too and I think everyone in my church is tired of gifts of cucumber relish being left on their car seats after Sunday service! : )
    Visit us at http://bethannsblessings.blogspot.com

    Blessings, Beth Ann

  7. Sally says

    I couldn’t wait on my first red tomato . I had to have me some fried green tomatoes .:) And they were soooo good . Bye-the-way what kind of camera do you have .Your pictures are great .

  8. Jennifer says

    ahh so jealous! We had 21 days of rain in June, here in southeastern PA, so there weren’t enough sunny days and my tomatoes are still green and tiny. And my peppers…nothing :-( But I guess I’ll just live vicariously through your garden victories!

  9. says

    How wonderful that you’re reaping the benefits of your garden! It’s a wonderful feeling to watch the plants grow from the ground up, and then see the fruit of our labors in the form of…fruit! And veggies, too. :) Thanks for posting your pics.

    We’re doing an organic garden this year, and it has turned out to be a HUGE success, considering all the other gardens we tried (including containers) didn’t do too well. But we’ve put more effort into this year’s garden, and took more steps to ensure its success, and it has definitely paid off, thankfully.

    I’ve got several posts on my blog about our garden if you’ like to take a look. Here’s the most curren update, with lots of pics.


  10. says

    I was so excited last week our salad was completely from the garden ~ that sure helped keep the meal under $5! Congrats on your mater ~ ours have all got bottom rot ~ getting too much rain. :(

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