Spotted – Canned Pumpkin – Is the Shortage Over?!?

There it is.  Proof!

My Kroger store has the larger (29 oz.) cans of canned pure pumpkin on the shelves.

I feel like I need to alert the media!!! In fact, I think I’ll dedicate one of my upcoming news segments to canned pumpkin and the shortage?!

Is the Canned Pumpkin Shortage over?!  So soon?!?  I was fully expecting that the cans would show up in early-mid November, in time for the holidays…so what a pleasant surprise.

I’ve seen some comments trickling in about friends being able to find it in their local stores…so maybe it’s true!

Have you been able to find canned pumpkin in your store?! Keep your eyes peeled…


  1. says

    I saw some last week at my local Mom n’Pop but didn’t pick up any. I’m glad now b/c it looks like Kroger’s has a better price than my local store!

  2. says

    Ever since hearing about this a while back I’ve been looking in my grocery store for canned pumpkin and it is always stocked. Maybe its the area I live in (Idaho)? You wouldn’t know there is a shortage around here.

  3. says

    Honestly I don’t know if we have pumpkin in the store or not here. The guy and I were talking at the store and he didn’t think the shelves were stocked. A couple weeks ago I bought 4 pie pumpkins and made my own pumpkin puree for pumpkin pies. I paid 50 cents a piece for the pumpkin and ended up with 18 1/2 cups of pumpkin.

  4. Melissa says

    Went to get some yesterday to make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and they shelves were empty :(! I will be heading to another store in hopes of finding some!

  5. Jean says

    None at Meijer the last time I was there 2 weeks ago. I’m buying pie pumpkins & making my own puree right now to use right now & also freeze for later so I’ll never have to be without again…

  6. Mary E.S. says

    We have plenty of pumpkin here in north Ga. Just wanted to let you know I received my coupon binder system and I love it.My hubby said he has never seen me that excited except when we found out I was pregnant.I immediately sat down and started putting coupons in it. Thank you so much for picking me.Have I said I love it? Thank you,Thank you,Thank you!

  7. Melinda says

    No canned pumpkin of any description at my Super Walmart here in Maryland today. I even asked and was told they didn’t have any.

  8. Lisa says

    I’m thinking the great pumpkin shortage of 2010 is over here in Middle GA. Yesterday I saw a wire barrel at Publix filled with canned pumpkin for $1.29 a can.
    Now we’ll wait to see if the prices come down!

  9. Vanessa D. says

    My Cincinnati area Kroger also has the small cans of Pumpkin filling for 99 cents. Woo hoo! I only bought 4 though because I hadn’t budgeted for the extra that week. I too am on a cash only grocery budget- I would hate to try to justify this overspending on pumpkin filling to Dave Ramsey 😉 I doubt he would appreciate the pumpkin shortage excuse.

  10. says

    Oh I found some at Walmart at Sunday ! I got 2 cans because my husband doesn’t like pumpkin but I can’t wait to start baking! and excited to hear too it’s back at Aldi’s!

  11. Kristen says

    I am so excited! I have been looking every time I go. So maybe the stores here will be getting some soon. I am going to have to stock up in case there is another shortage.

  12. says

    I was just at Aldi’s (in Lima, OH) this afternoon, and they have tons of pumpkin. I didn’t know if anywhere else around us had it, so I bought 4 cans. I love making pumpkin cookies in the fall!

  13. Lois says

    I finally found canned pumpkin last week at Walmart. But, funny thing was that I had found it earlier this year at Save A Lot, but only in the big cans and it cost what the small cans do now!! Odd, all the way around if you want my opinion.

  14. Rhonda Hall says

    Found large canned pumpkin at Wal-mart in Ohio for $2.29 a can..Not bad, they had 13 cases, I called a friend and 1/2 later they were down to 4 cases…I got 6 cans….YEAH!

  15. Sandra says

    All the canned pumpkin shortage was so interesting to me .. we never ran out here in North Dallas … I’d always check just for kicks and there it would be! Glad you were able to get some, though! :-)

  16. Venessa says

    I got two cans at Aldi last week for $0.89 a can! I was so happy to see it, I grabbed two. My small Target doesn’t have any and I haven’t checked Wal-Mart. I have been meanng to but each time I go I forget to look. I don’t know about the local grocery stores either.

  17. says

    Lucky! Our Smith’s didn’t have it and Walmart told me it wouldn’t be in till the end of October for Thanksgiving…since you know people ONLY use pumpkin on Thanksgiving. I had to get it at our organic store for a whopping $2.50 per can.

  18. says

    Yes! After A Years Absense………………It’s back @ Shaw’s!! After having gone with out canned pumpkin for a year I let out a little squeal of delight right there in the store! :) It’s pricey right now ($2.29 es.) but perhaps we’ll see a sale in the near future and a possibly a Libby coupon too. It’s just so darn good to see it again!

  19. patti says

    My local ALdi has pumpkin ( Delaware , Ohio) , I was there couple of weeks ago and saw it after non of the other stores I frequent have had any. I got excited and bought 12 cans @ .89 ea., to stock in my pantry! I should be set for the fall!

  20. says

    Found pumpkin at our local IGA in Marion, Illinois for $1.57 a can. It was the IGA brand, I was so excited, I bought three cans! Local Krogers, WalMart, Save-a-Lot, Schnucks do not have it YET.

  21. says

    We didn’t have a pumpkin shortage last year… this, year however, it’s been hard to find recently. That’s OK, though, because real pumpkins are in season and have been popping up in my local grocery stores. Time to stock up on frozen pumpkin puree:)

  22. says

    I got around the Great Pumpkin Shortage by painting our Halloween pumpkins! After Halloween I roasted the seeds for snacks. I baked the pumpkin and pureed it and froze it 2 cups of pumpkin per container because 2 cups is roughly equals one can of pumpkin. I got 3 cans of pumpkin (6 cups) from one $3 dollar pumpkin. So it cost me only $1 per “can”. I made pumpkin black bean soup several times last winter and my husband tried making pumpkin pudding. Yum!

  23. Sarah says

    I you can find it stock up. my understanding is the supply depends on the weather. If crops are even a little affected this year there could be a shortage again.

  24. Beth in central Ohio says

    Oh yay! I’m going to hit Aldi on my way home from work today. $0.89 for a regular sized can sounds like a good price to me ($0.0593 per ounce). I was just reading that Nestle’s pumpkin crop this year is next to nothing, which will make Libby’s stock sell out quickly. Of course there are store brands like in Erin’s Kroger photo ($0.0582 per ounce), so maybe it won’t be too hard to find canned pumpkin on shelves right now. I wouldn’t wait to look, though!

  25. Ruthanna Ward says

    No canned pumpkin in Wauseon, Ohio, Frankemuth- Mich., Grand Blanc-Mich., Shelbyville-Illinois, El Dorado, Arkansas. Haven’t check our local stores here in Clear Lake, TX since we’ve been back; I need to make Pumpkin Bars!!! Can anyone explain what happened? RW

  26. says

    Long Island, NY… we had a few months where all I could find was Organic pure pumpkin, no standard Libby’s BUT recently have found Libby’s pure pumpkin back on the shelves of Stop&Shop! YAY!!!

  27. says

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