Spend Less or Save More – What’s Your Money Mentality??!??

We’re also talking money mentality over in the Frugal Living Community!

Tell us…Is your money mentality to “Save More” or “Spend Less”?!?


  1. says

    I actually like to do both. I spend less money so I can save more! Usually the money being saved is for a specific purpose, then we look around for the best buy so we can spend less. Hope that makes sense!

  2. says

    Spend nothing! :)

    We spend as little as possible, but when we do make purchases, we also try to save as much as we can.

    I can’t follow your links over to the community; they just go round and round and never get over there. They don’t time out, but they don’t go, either.

  3. Jacqueline says

    Spend less! We are a family of five, living on one income. We try to spend $40.00 or less a week on groceries and still have nothing left to save. Hopefully I can find a way to make a little money and start saving some.

      • Jacqueline says

        @Susan, We used to spend at least 150.00 a week but just for now, until some things change it’s a lot of beans and potatoes. I have a friend with a large garden and they let me get whatever I want, and I have also started making a lot from scratch, like my own bread. I can only do all of this because I don’t work outside the home, if I did I wouldn’t be making my own bread for sure.

  4. says

    I’m more of a spend less kind of person. I’m the “free spirit” to borrow a term from Dave Ramsey. I enjoy shopping, just my focus now is thrift shopping (Goodwill, yard sale, trash to treasure). My husband is definitely a spend nothing, save more type!

    Mary Ellen

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