Smuckers – Their Brands

Smuckers Logo

Before heading up to Orrville for the “Inside The J.M. Smucker Company Pantry” bloggers event, this is what I thought when I imagined the Smuckers brand


Smuckers Jellies and Jams

And this…

Smuckers syrup

and this.

Smuckers ice cream topping

And that’s it!

I was quite surprised to learn about all the other brands they own. Such as…
Hungry Jack
Pillsbury Baking

And several more!!!

I enjoyed learning about how they’ve acquired these brands in the past few decades and years as they continue to grow the company!

“With a Name Like Smuckers…It Has to Be Good!”


  1. MH in OH says

    Learn something new everyday. I didn’t know Smuckers was RW Knudsen, After the Fall and Santa Cruz. Does Smucker’s have any sort of visitor center that is open to the public?

  2. Allison says

    Kind of bummed by all these advertorials for Smuckers. Makes me less likely to trust your editorial, since I wonder every time you mention a product if you’re being paid to do so. Totally your choice, but just giving my 2 cents as a reader.

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