Smucker’s Breakfast Solutions – Plus $4.50 in Printable Coupons

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a few days out in LA…working on a couple of different projects. This being one.

(Behind the Scenes – Other Side of the Camera photo)

My friends at Smucker’s kindly asked if I’d help them with their new Breakfast Solutions campaign and of course, I said yes!

Now, how did I survive this while in the early stages of pregnancy?

2 words.

Adrenaline. Zofran.

And the next 2 days I crashed :)

I loved every minute of the filming…the pre-taping hair and make-up pampering is always fun. The set designers, wardrobe gals and camera crew were fantastic. The director took all of 4 seconds to figure me out and get me on the right track…yay for him! I felt bad for the sound guy because he had to hold the mic boom by hand and his arms were a-achin’. And I also felt for the teleprompter guy too, as we tweaked and made changes…started takes in the middle of sentences. But he was a good sport!

Yes…I got to use a teleprompter…so cool! This is the first time I’ve done video with teleprompter and let me tell you…sososo much easier that trying to run a script off the cuff!

A big huge ginormous thanks to Smucker’s and Walmart for inviting me!!!

Now, onto the good stuff…

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