Smokehouse Maple Chicken

While foraging yesterday, I found some Smokehouse Maple grill seasoning hanging out amongst the other spices in the spice cabinet. Hmmm….let’s try this with some chicken. And I just so happened to have picked up a few packages of chicken at the store this morning.

This could not have been an easier chicken to make. It went something like this…




Seriously Simple. And it was oh-so-tasty! The chicken had a smokey, sweet, and savory flavor to it…but it wasn’t too sweet nor too smokey. It was perfect!


3 chicken breasts ($2.42) I grilled some extras too!
Smokehouse Maple spices (free) Match coupon with $1 sale price

Salad from the garden
Homemade Dressing ($.25)
Sweet potatoes ($1.29)


1. Bake the sweet potatoes.

2. Sprinkle the seasonings onto both sides of the chicken.  Then grill (until cooked through).

It really was that simple. And so much flavor for not really doing much other than sprinkling on the seasonings!

2. Meanwhile, prepare salad with greens from the garden.

3. Serve the Smokehouse Maple Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Salad.

Cost $3.96

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    Oh, that looks great! I have a wonderful maple-glazed pork dish I make (made it tonight, in fact!) but it is more work than I like to do on a weeknight. That spice could get me a similar flavor with a lot less work! I’ll have to look for it.

  2. says

    I got the same exact seasoning on sale with a coupon too! We’ve used it a couple of times now with both chicken breast and pork chops, it’s pretty good. :)


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