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smile brilliant before

{Pardon the goofy look and the angle that makes me look like I have a pencil for a neck. I’m not that into #selfie picts. And I’m definitely not that into #teethselfie picts.}

Last night at dinner, I made this very face and asked my husband…”Do my teeth look whiter?”

Actually, yes.

Just like when I get my haircut, he didn’t really notice…but they really are significantly whiter after 3 rounds of whitening.

I then went on to tell him how I was sharing before and after photos and how goofy this before photo is. Being the Adobe expert that he is, he responded with “you know I can “dodge” that photo and make them look really white”. Of course, he was being a goof…but that lead to a conversation about how “dodge and burn” are the “old school” photo dark room lab terms…which then led to me sharing about how I used to develop photos for the high school newspaper.

How did I not know this about you?

Then we sat amazed about the fact that after 11 years of marriage, we still sometimes learn things about each other that we didn’t know!

I started the Smile Brilliant whitening on Monday. And here we are on Friday morning.

smile brilliant after

Photos were both taken in the late morning, standing in the same spot. It was more gray outside today than Monday, but I still think you can tell the difference after just 4 applications.

I did a few rounds of teeth whitening when we lived in Ohio and I really struggled with issues of teeth sensitivity. I haven’t done it again since then because I didn’t want to deal with sensitive teeth. One of the reasons that I agreed to use Smile Brilliant was their tooth sensitivity gel that you use before the whitening treatment. It really does make a big difference…haven’t at all had the same issues as I have in the past.

Here are a few important things to know about teeth whitening:

Teeth whitening is best described as “teeth bleaching” because it does not make your teeth whiter, it simply reveals the true color of your tooth’s dentin by bleaching away all stains from the surface of the tooth’s enamel. The tooth’s enamel is a clear protective coating that rest on the surface of the tooth’s dentin which is a soft bone like tissue.

A note about tooth sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity is usually the result of the tooth being dehydrated and is normally gone within 24 hours or less. Some people will experience tooth sensitivity while others will not. The degree of the sensitivity is difficult to predict but those who are prone to tooth sensitivity are encouraged to add “desensitizing gel” to their order. Desensitizing gel is a pre-whitening treatment that will reduce/eliminate tooth sensitivity that follows whitening. Simply apply the desensitizing gel in the same manner you did the whitening gel and leave trays in for 30 minutes before doing the whitening gel.

The process for creating the impressions and getting the custom fitted trays sent back was extremely simple and well explained. If you are thinking about starting teeth whitening process, I’d definitely recommend working with Smile Brilliant.

This week, we are giving away 2 goodies from Smile Brilliant:

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  1. MKS says

    Well, you and I just happened to go to the same High School. Alamo Heights. I guess I’ll say my favorite memory was sneaking out of school to go buy donuts (with friends,) then sneaking back in past my dad’s classroom. He taught Biology there.

  2. RebeccaW says

    My favorite memory was my graduation party and heading off to college where I met my husband. We’ve been married for 13 yrs now.