{CLOSED!} Silpat Baking Mats {Giveaway}

And, the winner is…

Janet K.

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I love these baking mats.

I do.

I use them every.time I bake cookies.

There’s just something about they way the cookies bake and melt to perfection when on the baking mat.

I also love that I can slip the baking mat off the cookie sheet, right onto the cooling rack…and somehow it helps the cookies cool more evenly. The mat holds the heat somewhat, but let’s the cookies cool down at the same time. (It seems to me anyways.)

Couple of other things I love.

No greasing the baking sheets. Easy to clean.

The SilPain baking mat is new to my collection, but I love how makes the perfect crust and evenly browns the bread. (It’s designed to do so!)

And the Roul’pat mat is not only perfect for rolling pie crusts, cinnamon rolls and the like without the need for extra flour, but also for crafts. I used it the other day for one of the boys’ Thanksgiving craft. (I was going for super easy clean-up, and it worked!)



This week, I’ve got a set of 3 Silpat Baking Mats to give away to 1 winner…

Check out the entry details below…good luck!

Contest Details

1. Contest ends Thursday, December 6th at 9 am EST. Winners will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email with further instructions.

  • Entry #1: Leave a comment sharing your favorite holiday cookie or baked good.
  • Entry #3: Tweet the following: Bake to perfection this holidays! Win a Silpat Baking Mat pat from @5dollardinners! http://bit.ly/silpatgive
  • Please leave separate comments for each entry.
  • Giveaway open to US residents only.

2. Winner will be selected by Random.org.

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*Disclosure: I did receive similar products as part of this giveaway. Opinions are my own. And yes, I always use Silpat mats when baking!


  1. Diane Turner says

    My favorite Christmas treat is Skillet cookies, they are no – bake, coconut, dates, crispy cereal – so good

  2. Shari W says

    My favorite holiday cookies are peanut butter blossoms – with different kinds of Hershey’s kisses on them. We only seem to make these during the holidays…..why?!?!? 😉

  3. Lauren Nguyen says

    I’ll admit, I buy the pillsbury cookie mix and use recipes off their websites to make delicious goodies.
    I’ve always wanted one of these mats!!

  4. heather b. says

    I actually had two favs – My Grandmother’s pecan pie (which will ruin all other pecan pies for you) or the best mint chocolate chip cookies ever that my friend Jake makes. ^.^

  5. Nickie Rouleau says

    My favorite cookies to bake are ginger doodles. They are a gingersnap snickerdoodle hybrid — I love them!

  6. Jessica K says

    I love so many holiday cookies especially ones my mom makes but unfortunately she moved out of state this year so no cookies from mom :(
    Thumbprint cookies and the kisses <3

  7. Lisa says

    I so enjoy following you! My favorite holiday cookie was the Pfeffernusse. I haven’t had one that reminds me of being a kid… I just remember that they came in a holiday colored box from a store in San Francisco.

  8. Lisa says

    I like you on Facebook and get your email newsletter. Thank you for making both of these (oh, and that RSS that other folks like to use) available to us!