Grocery Coupon Matchups

It’s “double the discount” y’all!

I’m thrilled to be able to offer coupon match-ups for various grocery stores, and the national drugstores. These coupon match-ups will help you find the very best deals each week…both deals that are advertised in the store circulars, as well as unadvertised deals that are scouted out!

Here’s how this works…

coupon matchups tutorial

For all the items that are on sale, and some items that are unadvertised sales, you’ll find all the details for getting the lowest price possible…

  • Store Promotion Details
  • Sale Price
  • Available Coupon Information, including amount, product details and where to find the coupon
  • Top Deals, as noted by yellow star

Money saving experts have done all the work for you, and you get to watch your grocery bill drop and drop! I hope you find these deals and coupon match-ups helpful when creating your grocery list, meal plans for the week and ultimately your grocery budget.

Happy shopping and saving y’all!!!

Grocery Stores

Drugstores – Nationwide

Big Box & Warehouse Stores – Nationwide

More stores and regions are being added as quickly as they can…thanks for your patience!


  1. says

    I’m a single mom new to trying to getting discounts using coupons. I have reviewed the store discounts (CVS, RiteAid, etc), but I fail to understand how you end up paying only cents using the coupons. I really thought I knew how to add and subtract. I come up with the discount once you use a .50 or $1 coupon, but I don’t get how you come to the additional savings on the products advertised as examples. I’m feeling really stupid, and I’m sure the light will come on when explained.


    • Amy H. says

      Is it on the ones that have the ECB’s? If so, I believe she is including the ECB amount with her final price.

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