Shopping Update

I apologize for not posting my shopping trips lately!  They have been less than stellar, as grocery shopping has not been my primary focus this last month.  I think I’m on the “upswing” and will soon be back to my bargain shopping ways.  Don’t worry, I have been using coupons and buying mostly “on sale” items…but I haven’t been maintaining my stockpile too well :(

Last week after DS’ allergy appointment, I found myself driving by Whole Foods.  It’s not a store I normally shop in, but because we were “in the area,” I couldn’t help but stop in!  I only spent $12 on a few grains and some pine nuts.  With all the basil I’ve got growing, I figured a pesto dish would be worth a try.  I could hardly contain myself in there, but also didn’t want to spend a fortune!

I also stopped in last week for my “monthly” trip to Trader Joe’s.  I buy rice milk, agave syrup and sweet potato chips there.  I had been getting rice pasta there…if you are GF, I highly their rice pasta…good and less than $2/lb.!  I spent $27.88 for the month.

I also made my weekly run to Walmart and spent $64.31.  I did use coupons for the Kashi cereal and cereal bars, the Rice Krispies, soap, cottage cheese.  I also took advantage of the $6 off pork coupon and got that package of pork chops for $.76 with buying the pickles and charcoal (not pictured.)  The pork chops can be used for 2 meals…planning on brining and grilling next week!


Total for last week = $104.19 (OY!)

Not the greatest week, but I know this BUSY season that will pass soon! 

NOTE: Gallon of milk at my Walmart is $1.79 this week!  Be sure to check your store for this great price!!!  And Deal Seeking Mom has got the best coupon matchups for Walmart here!


  1. Shandra says

    Hi Erin,
    I’m just wondering do you not cook with meat every meal? We really don’t care if we have it or not. I was just curious.


    • says


      No I don’t use meat at every meal. I typically have a vegetarian meal (rice and beans, or rice and lentils) along with a “breakfast for dinner” meal with eggs each week. I use meat/chicken maybe 4-5 times a week. I have a LOT stashed in my freezer from previous grocery trips!

  2. says

    Thanks for the tip about the agave syrup at TJ’s – never would have thought to look there, but that makes sense!

    I went $10 overbudget and spent $135, so I am impressed with your 100 shop!

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