Shopping Trip(s) & Pantry Challenge Update

So it turns out that this buying just a few things each week is harder than doing “regular hauls” at the store.  I’m in such a minimalist mindset for both what we need and in our grocery spending, that I make really short lists…only to realize that my short list is coming up short.

I went for just a few items on Saturday, as I was already in the store picking up some things for our church.  Then I checked the deals for my store and realized that there are a few great prices and coupons that I can’t pass up.  Like this Wisk deal…

I often get  asked how I keep my overall grocery bill so low…and a large part of it is paying as little as possible for items like these.  A product that regularly is $7.59…but I only pay $1.99 (or $1.49 if I’d purchased 10 items in the Mega Event).  Over the long haul, that’s big savings!

And I can use what I didn’t spend on the full price of laundry detergent on other products like fresh produce, organics, meats, etc.

Trip #1

Milk, apples, orange, mango, and ice cream for a special treat- $18.18

Trip #2

2 $.50 Organic Raspberries, $1.99 Wisk and 2 $.25 Crayons – $3.63

Used printable coupon for the berries and $2/1 newspaper coupon for the Wisk.

And could someone please tell me what happened to all the crayons I bought last year…it seems like we go through those things like we go through water.  That happen at anyone else’s house?!

Trip #3

Also, I will be out of town this week (will be out in Colorado at the Savvy Blogging Summit)…and didn’t realize that Tyler was almost out of his favorite GF pretzels.  These are a “need”…hence trip #3 and spending $4.99.


We will be relying heavily (and strategically) on our restaurant cash envelope this week while I’m out of town. So until next week…when I’ll be back in the kitchen chipping away at the stockpile in both the pantry and freezer.

Total for the week -$26.80

Total for the month – $49.99 + $26.80 = $76.79


  1. Emily says

    Our crayons just turn into broken, misshapen messes. We have a ton of them, but they don’t fit back in the box, or are messy, or whatever. So we get new ones every year. I’m seriously thinking about melting the old ones down into multi-color crayons, might have to do that soon as my little boy thinks those are the coolest right now. :)

    • Sarah says

      Emily –

      I did insect crayons for my kids at school by filling up old candy molds or playdough molds would work too – with two different colors of crayons wax. The kids love them, and they seem a lot more sturdy than normal crayons and have lasted 2 years. With 20 kids in my room using them year round – that is a lot of wear and tear – good luck.

  2. Tammy says

    so how do we go about melting those crayons into multicolor crayons? I am intrigued!
    Erin, Thanks for posting so honestly, I love it!!!

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