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Last week I thought I’d try to shop for 2 weeks (I forgot to take a photo, so I didn’t post it).  It was a FAIL!  I didn’t get enough to last 2 weeks, so I had to go back.  I was hoping that shopping every 2 weeks would help save me time and energy, but that didn’t go so well…so we’ll keep with what is working.  Shopping once a week!

I went back from some produce, milk, juice, and snacks, etc. Corn was just $.15 AN EAR and the green pepper was only $.68  (a decent price, but will probably be lower later in the summer)!  Yeah!!!  I used a $2 coupon for the A1, $1.50 off each waffles, and a $.75 coupon for the organic carrots that cost only $.88…a grand total of $.08 for 1 lb. of carrots :)  A gallon of milk is just $1.79 at my Walmart and the eggs were $.92/dozen.

This trip cost me $45.69.  Plus last week’s attempt at 2 weeks that cost around $120…total of $165 or $82 for each week!  My goal is $80 a week, so that’s not too bad!

To address a comment from last week asking about meats…I haven’t needed to buy meat lately because we didn’t eat much meat the past 6 weeks (translation: first trimester) and had other sources of proteins for our meals.  I couldn’t handle the site of raw meat, much less cook it or buy it.  So I have a freezer full of meats that will be used up over the next few weeks…now that the hormonal roller coaster has flattened out for a bit and I can enjoy chicken and pork chops again!


  1. says

    I’ve been doing the major grocery shopping for my family in 2 week increments. it works out well for us and I spend about $110-$125 for 2 weeks (there are 5 of us). I normally have to go back for milk, bread and the occasional bag of cereal, but I can usually get everything I need in my major shopping trip. I’m new at the coupon game so I’m hoping that I can start saving even more!

  2. Melissa says

    I do my shopping every two weeks. I have four kids (11-4) and it works out much better for us. Everyone is different! I have a friend who only shops once a month! And she has 7 children! I don’t know how she does that! :)

  3. Laura says

    Honestly, I’m not together enough to shop for two weeks at a time! LOL. Although, the first week I really stock up and the 2nd week I usually just buy veggies, fruit, milk, bread and whatever really good sales I can wiggle in. Works for me!

  4. says

    I’m amazed that milk is less than $2 at your walmart. It’s almost 3 bucks down here in FL. You always find such great deals, maybe I need to relocate.

  5. says

    We eat an allergy free/sugar free diet, so mostly fruits and veggies. I have to shop every week to keep everything fresh! Rice milk keeps forever and so do the dry beans we eat : )

    Blessings, Beth Ann

  6. Ramavich says

    If you’re not tied to shopping a particular day of the week, try shopping every 10 days or so. I can’t quite make it 2 weeks, but don’t need to go every week either! And my least expensive/best grocery store is too far to make a quick trip.

  7. Alice says

    I try to shop every week but only get the sales with a coupon. I may not need an item this week but will later on so I stockpile. I shop from the stockpile which is really fun and prepare my meals around it. For the first time my DH and I have planted a small garden of the produce we love to eat. I know that will help on the grocery bill as well.

  8. bridget says

    What kind of carrots did you buy with the coupon? I love organic food and am always looking for a bargain on them.

    Thank you!

  9. Martha says

    I don’t buy frozen or canned veggies, so I like for my things to be fresh! I usually shop once to twice a week, and that seems to work well for me. I have tried shopping in 2 week increments, but food went bad and I always needed to go back for little things like milk or bread.

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