Shopping Trip – Last Week

I thought I’d share last week’s shopping trip with you all.  I had several free item coupons that I had collected from here and there (Vocalpoint, Kroger mailer).  The items I got free were the Bertolli’s Lasagna meal (which the guys had while I went to Momminitup’s Johnson & Johnson fundraiser party, raising money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!), the Kashi waffles, both tubs of margarine and the baby carrots. 

Each of the cereal boxes were $1, thanks to a great sale and coupon matchups.  The BBQ sauce was nearly free after coupon, as was the mustard.  It’s grilling season Y’all!  I snagged the scallops…cuz well, whenever I see a good deal on seafood products, I snatch them up!  The mangoes were on sale for $.50 each.  And they were sweet too!!!

I can’t find the receipt??? for the exact numbers and % savings, but the total was just under $25.  And that includes a pack of diapers!!!

Also, there are some FREEBIES and a few more near FREEBIES to be had at Walmart this week…all the details over at Deal Seeking Mom!


  1. lori says

    hi i just have some more questions for you….;) last week(my first week) i did manage to get 12 boxes of ranzoni pasta for 20 cents each, i can’t remember what else but it was 108.00 before loyal card dropped to 68.00 and after coup[ons it came to 28.00. i thought that was good, but i still have questions…so this week i have built up my coupons more , and i can get 8 bottles of suave shampoo for free, and soleil razor 4 pack for 1.29 each (on sale for 4.99), korr pasta/rice sides for 2/.78 after coupon, but some of the other stuff like sweet rays bbq sauce,digiornio flat bread pizza, hot pockets for 1.00 after coupon,country crock for 1.09,snuggle for 1.99 , do i wait till another sale???thats what i’m not sure of do i wait or buy now? i would not normally buy the pizza’s in a shopping trip but for 1.00 why not? so then i added up all the stuff i can use coupons for it totals around 56.00, not sure if i should buy all of them since i would not normally buy them, but would use them. help ?? sorry to bore you with this but i need some advice if i am going to make this work, i would appreciate your opinion, thanks again, lori

  2. SHANNON says

    I have a question, all of these grocery trips sound very good, and cheap, but i never see any meat? I understand they do not make coupons for meat, but if you only spend $25 on groceries, are you still planning meals or just buying whats on sale and figuring out whats meals you have later? I always plan my meals, and then HOPE to find items on sale, what am i doing wrong? also, my local available stores (krogers, walmart, meijers, and marsh all have sales on different days, but only 2 of those double coupons up to .50)

    • says

      I have a meat stockpile in my freezer. I buy it when it’s on sale for its lowest price and then freeze it. This allows me to “shop from my freezer,” where I know I’ll find the best deals! We did not eat much meat this last month, during my first trimester because I couldn’t handle the sight of raw meat! Much less cook it!


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