Shopping on the "Edge"

Got preservatives?
Got dyes?
Got hydrogenated oils?
Got high fructose corn syrup?

Ever noticed how the center aisles of the grocery store are filled with processed foods. Filled with the above ingredients?!?

My mission is simple. Save money. Eat healthy. The easiest way for me to accomplish that is by shopping on the “edge” of the store. The edge of my store goes like this…pharmacy, organic section, produce section, bakery/breads, meat section, dairy/eggs section, and last the deli section. I shop for snacks for the boys in the organic section, TONS of produce, a loaf of bread for hubby (boys can’t eat soy, so they don’t eat bread), a variety of meat, chicken and pork from the “Manager’s Special” section, milk, yogurt, cheese and eggs.

The BASICS…the FRESHEST…the HEALTHIEST products are on the “edge”!

Don’t get me wrong here…there are many good products to be found “in the middle” of the store…like juice, rice, beans, frozen fruits and veggies (check labels on these…many are preservative filled!). And of course the cleaning supplies, paper products and other essential housing goods.

The goal and the challenge: Little by little change from shopping “in the middle”, to shopping on the “edge” of your grocery store!

Are you up for it? Let me know your goal!


  1. Martha A. says

    Good job for you! i have four boys and we typically try to eat fairly healthy, with not the health restrictions you have, but like to eat whole foods whenever we can. I try to make some dinners that are under $3 if I can!
    We eat alot of soup and homemade bread in the winter especially!

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