Shopping and Restocking

I finally made it to Kroger this afternoon. I had my 34 coupons in hand and my list ready to go! I make my shopping lists according to how I go through the grocery store. Organics section, produce, bread, juice, meat/chicken/pork, frozen, dairy and a few things from the middle this week! I also ordered my coupons in the stack according to this same shopping plan, so that way I can move my coupons from the “planned” stack to the actual stack. I did not use 2 that I had planned, and pulled out 2 that I needed after seeing a good deal!
There was a man who asked what I was up to…seeing that the whole “baby” basket of the cart was covered with my 2 lists and 2 coupon stacks. He was intrigued by the whole concept and I was so glad to share with him about savings and how to “make more” on your grocery bill!
The plan was to spend $126 on $200-250 worth of products! How did I do???

Here is what I purchased…a lot!

And below is what I spent! $132.88. Total before coupons and sales was $239.61!

Amount Saved $106.73!!!

Here is my fridge, happy and full of food again!

I had planned a crockpot meal tonight (I recently discovered Slow Cooker Thursday’s over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom!) but since my kitchen was still not in order this morning, we are doing a bit of rearranging this week! We will likely go to our favorite BBQ joint with Nana tonight and “slow cook” tomorrow!


  1. cajungal01 says

    Ok, just found your site and am intrigued by your savings with coupons. I THINK I could handle doing that BUT… are they all coupons from newspapers? internet? where? And does Kroger’s offer the “double coupon”, “triple coupon” deal or is all of that savings straight from the coupon amount?
    I’d be totally new at the coupon idea (actually trying it) and don’t have a Krogers…
    any help is appreciated!

  2. Niki says

    I am so envious of the coupons you guys use. Up here in Canada we rarely have them, most say valid only in US. ughhh. Oh well I am excited for your great deal.

  3. Kim says

    I am so sorry that I didn’t see your comment on my food blog which you left a week ago. You were inquiring about my corn bread recipe and YES! You most certainly can use my page any time you want!! I am just getting around to making this recipe tonight.

  4. Kate says

    Wow, I am super impressed. Isn’t that the best feeling in the world? And how neat that you were able to pass along your savings strategy.

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