Seasonal Lunch Box Ideas

Snowman Lunch (She’s got a really cute gingerbread lunch too!)

Valentine’s Lunch (and more cute options on her post too!)

Lunchbox Notes

And you can also print out free lunchbox notes for the different holidays as well! Check out these cute ones!

And yes…I will be adding to this post as I find new and clever ideas…and I will remind you about these fun holiday options come time for them!


  1. Taryn says

    I love these ideas! I think my boys would eat more if I dressed up their food. Where can I find these plastic containers?

  2. Gail Becker says

    I love these! Since my boys get their education at home, these would make snack time even more fun for them & me!

    • says

      So true! I notice I tend to make healthier lunches when I’m doing themes or artistic lunches. Otherwise she gets a hot dog and maybe a cheese stick on a plate. But with the muffin tin meals or bento boxes, I’m trying to fill all the extra spaces with veggies and fruits as well!

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