Savvy Blogging Summit 2010

Last weekend I was there, in those beautiful mountains…at the Savvy Blogging Summit in Breckenridge, CO.

I want to start by humbly saying that I am just bursting with pride.

(Is that an oxymoron…because these feelings I’m having are oxymoronic!)

I am so proud of all the fabulous attendees.

I am so proud of all the amazing sponsors and PR professionals.

I am so proud of all the spectacular teachers.

And finally, I am so proud of the Savvy Blogging Team (which I am a part of).

(See the oxymoronic-ness of this. I’m humble, but proud of myself and my team at the same time!)

Y’all…seriously bursting with pride.

The Summit was spectacular.  Just spectacular.

The perfect size. The perfect location. The perfect attendees, sponsors and speakers.

(OK, enough with the gushing…)

Thursday evening kicked off the Summit with a delicious dinner and talk, given by JD Roth from Get Rich Slowly. He shared with us how his life online has evolved from a weblog journal to blogging business that allowed him to quit his “real” job to pursue blogging as a full-time career.  His story is inspirational and was such an encouragement to us all!

JD giving his “psycho-killer” impression…if you have ever met “in real life” a blogging friend or reader, then you’ll understand this “psycho-killer” notion!

See…he’s really a regular guy!

Friday morning, we kicked things off at an hour that I prefer to be sleeping. 7 AM!…but the adrenaline woke me up…as I was ready to mingle and learn!  We hosted breakfast for all the attendees in our suites.  Dana and Dana enjoying their coffee and juice at the breakfast, sponsored by Escalate Media.

(Please pardon the antler chandelier. I was not in charge of decorating!)

After breakfast, we hit the conference center to learn, learn, learnSummit Course Listing here.

Friday’s lunch was hosted by  Their presentation on Bloggers and PR professionals was so uplifting!!!

Discussing, learning, eating, sharing, mentoring…all of this going on during lunch!

(Sorry Stephanie!  Didn’t mean to catch you with a mouthful! 😉

And the food…Oh, the food!

According to Rusty from The Blog Frog, “I’m pretty sure #sbsummit wins the best food at a conference award!

Above: Tropical Chicken with Mango Relish over Coconut Rice

Below: Julienned Melon and Fruit Salad with Poppyseed Dressing

And while I was inside learning all sorts of fabulous-ness about blogging, the guys were playing in the great outdoors with their daddies!

Too much cuteness for me…The Mommysnacks Boys and the $5 Dinners Boys on a hike!

We will be writing up recaps from each of the sessions in the next 2 weeks on

The audio recordings from each session will be available for purchase and download soon on, as well.

If you have a minute and 45 seconds to learn more about the Savvy Blogging Summit and to hear from some of the hostesses and attendees, then check out this video put together by one of our teachers, Valerie Hoff, from Atlanta’s 11 Alive News. (She was there teaching us the best ways to reach out to local and national media, as well as tips and tricks for looking good (and 10 lbs less) on camera!)  The full story can be found on the 11 Alive website.

If you are a blogger and you wish to grow your blog as a business, then check out  We are talking about things blogging, and business. If you are interested in attending the next Savvy Blogging Summit, it will take place in the  summer of 2011…details on dates and location will be announced soon on!

And now I’m going to channel all this pride into planning the next Savvy Blogging Summit, and helping more bloggers “take their blogs to new heights”!


  1. says

    I am bursting with pride at the job y’all did too!

    I saw the back of my head in a photo! :) So glad you included the psycho killer pic of J.D. Val’s video was great.

    Thank you for being available to talk with throughout the conference as well! I highly recommend the conference to all the bloggers out there.

  2. says

    Great post Erin. Beautiful pictures! It was so great to meet you. You should be proud (and you’re naturally humble and amazing anyway!). Can’t wait ’til next year!

  3. says

    Spectacular indeed! You guys did a fabulous job pulling off a fantastic summit. It was so nice meeting you and thank you for helping us find our way around the hotel and for carrying our luggage up two flights of stairs on the first day!! I’m looking forward to the next Savvy Blogging Summit.

  4. says

    I’m bursting with pride that you loved your visit to my home state so much!!! I just wish I had stumbled on your network before the event instead of after. Oh well…will have to wait until the next one.

  5. says

    Gah! I am green with envy! I can’t wait to hear the details for next summer! The question is — will I even qualify with all the even more amazing applicants you will have after the success of your debut summit? Gah!

    (Oh, and will it literally be a “summit” conference? Loving those mountains!)

  6. schroeder says

    Please please PLEASE tell me where i can find the recipe for the Tropical Chicken with Mango Relish over Coconut Rice. I googled but couldnt find the exact recipe.


  7. says

    I knew you & the team would knock it out of the park (or the mountains!).

    Three things:

    1. The pshcyo killer thing – LOL! I have to crack up because when Andrea & I first met up (in a Target a couple of years back) we were both cracking up, saying, “SEE?! I swear I’m not a big-scary-hairy-man- stalker!” LOL!!

    2. The food: OH MY! Looked DIVINE! Shoulda known you’d make sure the food was primo!

    3. The boys: TOO CUTE! What a great memory for both your families!!

    Ok…I might have to step up my lackadaisical blogging so my bunch can come vacay w/you girls & your bunch next summer!

    AND – you should be proud!

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