Sandwich Ideas- Lunchbox Inspiration

Are your children tired of the same PB & J?  Check out this great list of healthy sandwich options from Cooking Love and Life.


  1. Lou Ann says

    Years ago when I was in London with my mom visiting we stopped by a sandwich shop and ordered tuna salad sandwiches. When I bit into my sandwich, I discovered that they had put sliced cumbers on top of the tuna salad with gave it a fresh crunchy taste. Loved it.

  2. says

    I hate to say it but my oldest daughter asked if those sandwiches wouldn’t kill your appetite, My two girls have vastly different tastes, I thought maybe they would each pick one that didn’t sound so bad, but they bot agreed YUCK. I may try a few though, it never fails that they try to eat my food, leaving me with nothing of course, so I might get a healthier sandwich into them yet, 😀

  3. says

    I just saw that your site had been sending lots of visitors to my tumblr page! @Ellen – you are correct! I believe I found this picture on Pinterest? Thanks for the credit but I definitely cannot take credit for it! Although I have actually made all of those sandwiches before. :)

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