San Antonio Grocery Savings Workshop on March 30 – Savings Nation

Making $5 Dinners? Cutting your grocery bill in half? Having a meal plan for the week…and sticking to it?

Yes. Yes. and Yes.

The second ever Savings Nation class will be held in San Antonio, TX, my hometown and my “future town.”

(I like that…”future town.”)

I’d love for all you San Antonians to come on out and join the Savings Nation community! You will not want to miss out on this “There’s no Such Thing as Small Change” movement. We will inspire, encourage and show you how to spend less money at the grocery store by making small changes in the way you shop, use coupons and meal plan.

It’s these small changes that translate into BIG SAVINGS. Savings that you can use for your next vacation, to stash in your retirement account, or college fund.

San Antonio Grocery Savings Workshop Information

Friday, March 30, 2012

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

AHUMC, 825 E Basse Road, 78209

Instructors: Myself, Andrea Deckard, Toni Anderson, Crystal Collins

Cost: $5 plus a canned good

Canned goods and proceeds will go to the San Antonio Food Bank

And if you’re in the Atlanta, GA area, come learn with us on March 22nd…that’s next Thursday!

There’s no such thing as small change!



  1. megan says

    Have you ever thought about doing a webinar? I can’t travel to where you are, but I would gladly pay for the information you provide.


  2. Monica says

    Hi Erin, I would like to attend the workshop tonight. May I pay at the door. I don’t use paypal.
    Thanks, Monica M.

  3. Sherry Anderson says

    Would love to hear more about your $5 meals but live in Florida. Do you have a website or facebook page?


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