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I’m not willing to fork over $50/year for membership to a warehouse store, only to go there 1 or 2 times on the year to get a handful of products that *might* be cheaper per ounce than what I can find at my regular grocery store when on sale and with a coupon.


I am willing to go there once a year on a “one day pass”…so I thought I’d share that Sam’s Club is offering a One Day Pass, valid until November 24, 2010.  There is but 1 catch…you must pay a 10% service fee on your order.  So while it’s not a “free pass,” it might be worth going in for a handful of items…like flour or sugar. Or items for the freezer.

Thanks to Free Stuff for sharing!

Do you belong to a warehouse store?!?  If so, have you found that the membership fee is worth the savings?!?

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    We belong to Sam’s Club – I believe we pay $35 or $40 a year. I have health problems, so I have to go to the pharmacy once every week or two weeks. The best prices can be found at Walmart or Sam’s Club – other pharmacies are coming down and comparable in some ways. BUT going to the Walmart pharmacy (before we were Sam’s members) was miserable. I wanted to stab myself in the eye with a fork everytime. Not only are lines and the service better at Sam’s, but they know me by name. They’re awesome. Additionally, good cheap milk and we got a great deal on our mattress topper there.

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    We live right near a Costco, and Sam’s isn’t much further. I shop at Sam’s because it’s so much cheaper (a liter botlte of balsamic vinegar is under 45 at Sam’s, and over $10 at Costco) on the things that I buy.

    You can see my master shopping list for Sam’s Club, along with the things I feel are particularly good prices, here:

    On olive oil alone I save the price of the membership versus the grcoery store. And 50 lbs of popcorn for around $17 means we can eat all the popcorn we want for a year! That’s a lot cheaper than microwave popcorn.

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    I don’t get to follow your blog as often as I like, but I HAVE to comment on the Sam’s Club pass. First of all, I would think as a “business owner” you could qualify for their business membership which is only $35a year. Secondly, not sure if you are still breastfeeding or not, but I have issues and have to resort to buying formula. Thier Member’s Mark brand was actually SUED by Enfamil because it’s the same thing as Enfamil LIPIL for WAY less ($20 for 48 oz) so even with all those $7 off coupons, is still way cheaper than $25 for 26 oz! Lastly, their gas is MUCH cheaper. 95% of our purchases at Sam’s is gas. I usually find Sam’s gas to be about $.20 cheaper than anywhere around us. We haven’t priced much else in some time but used to find their flour, sugar, olive oil, etc to be a lower price. They also have some FABULOUS microfiber towels near the trash bags/auto towel aisle. A great way to save money AND be green! We use them for everything and they are super absorbant, wash up well, and have lasted us a very long time while still looking new! I never thought Sam’s was much of a deal, but between the few things we do buy, we def. make up for the $35 per year. Oh, and of course they have so many free samples that it equals a free lunch for us sometimes! ;P

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