Ryan’s Square Foot Garden

Ever thought about how gardening can impact your child?!

I really hadn’t until last week…when Ryan shows up in the car after school with his garden “book.”  What you see pictured above is the cover of his garden book. He’s my little engineer…seeing things from different angles.

1. The blue sky.

2. The square foot planters, with their masking tape lines. (In brown.)

3. The green grass.

4. The brown planters from the side angle.

5. The 2 small plants. (Nevermind that there are 2, and that they are brown. The SFGs were much more colorful and full of growth than what he portrays.)

But here’s the real lesson. I knew that he enjoyed planting seeds with me. And picking green beans. And watching the green peppers turn from green to red. But I didn’t really know how much he has been digesting. It would appear that he “gets it” more than I thought.

We had a lovely conversation about why we grow food, and how it helps us. And where food comes from, and why we want to grow our own and eat as much as we can from local markets and farmers.  These are important lessons for our children.  These are important conversations to have.

I think a kiddie swimming pool garden will be in order for the boys!

What about your kiddos?!  What do they think about your family’s garden?!


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    Yikes – our garden is a mess right now. It’s time to plant again. The kids love picking a few veggie varieties of their own to plant. One favorite was dinosaur kale, since we use the leaves to make kale chips. It’s one of the few ways I can get them to devour their veggies!! It’s a wonderful project that connects kids with their food and helps them to realize it doesn’t grow in plastic bags in the grocery store!

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    I loved this post. Isn’t it amazing how our kids watch what we do when we are not really looking and dive so much deeper than we really thought they would? Hope you all have a great rest of your week.

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