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“I’ve come to believe that resolutions lend them failure…”

From Rethinking Resolutions, my latest article on

I’ll be sharing more about my 2012 plans, goals and other fun stuff next week! In the meantime, maybe you should rethink your resolutions?!


  1. says

    I prefer goals over resolutions. Resolutions are so absolute. This year my goal was to improve my posture. I could have a made a resolution to never slotch again – but that isn’t realistic. Instead my goal was much more doable.

  2. Bethany says

    I’ve decided to make monthly “resolutions” that have an over-all theme, but also have small much more measurable goals. For example, January’s resolution is to eat healthier (pretty broad, right?). My smaller goals include eat 5 servings of fruits/vegetables daily, eat more whole grains, plan meals ahead & intentionally grocery shop (with a list!), keep a food diary, and cook more from scratch. I hope this helps my entire family team be more successful with our goals this year!

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