The Resourceful Birds and the Recycled Garden Twine

Seems that I have quite the resourceful birds hanging out near my house!

Just before Easter we had a nasty wind storm and this little nest landed near our play-fort in the backyard.  You can see that the nest is made largely of twine.  Days before the windstorm, I removed the “stick frame” that I used last year for my pole green beans and tossed it into our stick pile.  The twine was mostly dried up and I didn’t plan to use it again this year.  I will be growing my beans in a new location this year. But I’m thrilled that the birds were able to use it.  I have no idea if the bird eggs made it through the wind storm, and I’m just hoping they had hatched before the nest fell.

I just love that the birds in our neighborhood are recycling the dried up garden twine!


  1. says

    How fun!! We had a nest fall on our porch a couple of weeks ago. It was fun peeking at it to see what they used. The most fun thing we found was horse hair from our neighbor’s horses (I assume.) 😉

  2. says

    Great story! We have many birds in our neighborhood and it is truly amazing how resourceful and careful about recycling they are. At present, one bird is nesting inside the mailbox of one vacant house, hopefully the eggs will hatch before a new owner arrives. It’s really nice how all the neighbors “protect” this bird’s home and are cheering for a happy ending for the adult birds and the babies.
    Really liked your photo.

  3. Abbygail says

    My uncle was just sharing how he has some goldfinches using the tinsel off his in-the-burn-pile Christmas tree to make the most glittery nest in the neighborhood!

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