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  1. stacey says

    Do you make shopping/ grocery list for each month’s meal plan? I have been searching your site for one for January, but I seem unable to find it. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  2. Jen says

    I love this website! I am new to cooking, and have been SEARCHING for someone to help me incorporate veggies into every meal, other than warming a frozen bag up in the microwave. These are simplistic enough that I can follow and understand, are quick enough for me to make when I get home from working a full day, and give me and my boyfriend enough to eat! Plus, who would have thought I could also include my coupon hobby?!?! WOW! Thanks so much!
    From- Texas Jen

  3. Pam says

    Do you think you will be coming out to good ole Ca.. if so when?? I would love to go and get a signed copy of your book!!! I just love love love your recipes!! You yourself are such an inspiration!!!! :) .. Keep up the great work,,

  4. Jessica says

    Thanks so much for this site! Because of the way everything is going, my husband and I are on such a tight budget, I wasn’t sure I would even be able to make things for dinner in our budget. It is so hard to find things to make for a good price now a days. I have a 15 month old daughter and I wanted to be able to feed her stuff besides junk food. Thanks so much!

    God Bless You

  5. Diana says

    Are any of the recipes that you have listed available for viewing or do they all require you to purchase the cookbook? It’s very frustrating to click on your recipe index and pick a recipe to be told it’s exclusive to the cookbook. Feel’s like a bait and switch.

  6. Lo says

    are people really cooking these recipes for less than $5.00? in the mango chicken recipe in her book, erin lists the cost of a mango as $.75? whaaat? my supermarket charges $3.99, EACH, for a mango. the recipes are good, but c’mon, they’re not $5.00 or less…….

  7. says

    @ Lo. I think part of the idea is that we are shopping more frugally in order to meet the $5.00 budget. In my $5.00 dinner plans there are often items that I am able to get for free. Many people buy produce and other items when they are at rock bottom prices and put them in the deep freeze in order to use it all year round for the best bang for their buck.

  8. Karin says

    I agree with Cricket
    If its not frugal for you, don’t make it.
    For the last month or so, we have had mangos for $1.00/1. But most of the year, they are more pricey. Also, our local TJ’s has frozen mangos year round usually about $2.00 bag. No sectioning.
    Its all about finding what fits your local price range…there are times when the items just aren’t at the right price for me. But this site gives me plenty of inspiration.

  9. says

    My husband and I are on the road most of the year with his job and low cost cooking in a hotel room is very difficult. We rely on a crockpot and electric skillet for most of our meals. I plan to try several of your slow cooker recipes. The baked potatoes, and the slow cooker stroganoff look yummy. Will try them soon.

  10. Recipe for a healthy Lentil Soup says

    5 cilantro “sticks” (make sure this includes the stem, if it doesn’t then add 9 cilantro)
    1/2 (any type of) onion
    2 garlic teeth, peeled

    1. Clean, select, and wash lentils as you would with any beans
    2. Turn on the stove; take a pot, add about 6 cups of water (make sure its a bit more than twice the amount of lentils)
    3. Add the lentils, onion, cilantro, and garlic teeth. You may also add salt to your liking.
    4. Cook until the lentils begin boiling for five minutes.

  11. Josh says

    As the Stay-At-Home Dad of our household, I have to say I really love your website.
    It’s been extremely informative and quite helpful for planning out things for feeding my hardworking wife and my crazed 11 year old girl!
    If I could make a humble request, I’d love to see something akin to your 20 Meals for $150 at CostCo article, but dealing strictly with Freezer Meals.
    A Freezer-Friendly recipe section would be awesome as well!
    Think you’d be up for the challenge?

  12. Melanie Driscoll says

    Would love to see a search box in the recipe section or at least have them listed in Alphabetical order to find recipes that I’ve tried, liked and want to find again.. Other than that great site. Thank you!!

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