Recipe Dice – Kitchen Inspiration

Want to bring a little fun and spontaneity into your kitchen?! These recipe dice are all you need.

Want someone else to decide what to put on your meal plan?! Let luck figure it out for you.

These recipe dice are adorable…and a great way to get the diversity flowing through your kitchen and onto your meal plan.

Leaf Cutter Designs sells Recipe Dice sets for $16. Or you could make some of your own…or set up a system where certain number combinations mean meal x, y, or z…and it doesn’t have to cost you a thing!



  1. mary w says

    My husband and I play a similar “game”. I come up with a list of 10-12 available ingredients and he picks 2-3 of them. From those ingredients I create dinner. Or I’ll come up with 2 shorter lists (1 protein, 1 starch and/or 1 veggie) and he picks 1 from each. Endless variations of this game.

    Saves $16 and ensures that you have the ingredients selected.

  2. says

    Kind of like your own version of “Chopped”? :) I love it..and since my whole family loves that show this would be a super fun way to get everyone thinking! Thanks for a fabulous springboard idea to make dinner more fun during the week!


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