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How to Freeze Raspberries

Is stockpiling fruit and vegetables really necessary?  Is it worth the time and trouble?

Yes. And Yes.

Raspberries were on sale at my Kroger.  (Yes, it is mine!) For $.99/pint.  Those tiny little things are regularly $3 a pop.  I never buy them…somehow can’t justify spending $3 for 3 handfuls of DELICIOUS, SWEET, SUCCULENT raspberries.  (I had forgotten how tasty they are!) But, for just $.99…I’ll buy a pint.  Or 12. Yep, 12.

What on EARTH are you going to do with 12 pints of raspberries that will start to go bad in 2 or 3 days???

Eat them, bake with them, and freeze them. Of course.

First, we (the boys and I) ate 2 pints.  For a snack.  We like them that much.

Then, I froze 8 pints.  Cause I knew that we’d eat them if I didn’t get them into the freezer. Right away! I rinsed and let them drain for about 10 minutes.  Then placed them on a paper towel to remove excess water.  Then I neatly arranged them gave in to my Type-A tendencies and placed them on a baking sheet.

Popped them into the freezer for a few hours, then transferred frozen raspberries into freezer baggies.  I see Mango Raspberry smoothies in our future!  An antioxident power punch of a smoothie!

Mmmm…don’t you want to reach through the screen and munch on a few?

And, then I made this amazing Raspberry Coffee Cake!

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