{CLOSED} Zak’s Rainbow Petals Table Art – Giveaway

Update: Winner are Marsha and Christina, emails have been sent. Congrats! Thanks for your entries!

Dinner Bars, y’all! It’s how I save on summer entertaining!

And these amazing and stylish serving dishes (rainbow petals, if you will!) are sure to spruce up your next summer par-tay!

I’ve got a set of the Rainbow Petals Table Art to give away to 2 winners! Entry details…

Contest Details

1. Contest ends Tuesday, May 22nd at 5 pm EST. Winners will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email with further instructions.

2. Winner will be selected by Random.org.

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*Disclosure: I did receive these products from Zak designs and I did receive compensation for this campaign.


  1. says

    We like to save in the summer by using the crockpot or bbq to make meals so as not to heat the house up. Plus of course using lot’s of coupons and keeping our own veggie garden.

  2. says

    Fresh fruits and veggies are always cheaper in the summer. I wish I could get them from my own garden, but our apartment living isn’t very conducive to that right now. So to the Farmers Market we go!

  3. J Brown says

    Oops-I left my comment in the wrong place. Let’s try again-I use whatever is on sale and in season! Lots of fresh fruit and veggies!

  4. Marsha H. says

    We have tuna a lot; tuna ring salad, tuna melts, tuna sandwiches and just serve it with fruits or veggies and dip.

  5. Shonda says

    This year we will be planting our first LARGE garden and we love to grill…..usually it’s a “bring your own meat” or we’ll provide meat and guests will bring sides…..

  6. Rebecca L. says

    I like to save on summer entertaining by simply doing all my own cooking at home! I can grill or use the crockpot and I love cool/cold summer desserts!! Love summer!

  7. Kat says

    We save by growing our own food and then inviting friends over for potluck style meals :)

  8. says

    We love to use clear bowls of different sizes to display brightly colored fruit, while entertaining. It makes the table bright and appealing, while only using things we already had on hand, eliminating the costly serving bowls.

  9. Nancy says

    Tip for saving on summer entertaining : have a potluck, serve iced tea as a beverage, and accept all donations of help and food!

  10. Felicite Badillo says

    We love to do lots of appetizers and smaller dishes rather than cook a large meal. That way everyone has a variety of smaller things to nibble on the whole time. And of course, we use coupons.

  11. Trudy Irwin says

    We like to save by going out to the park and having a picnic instead of eating out as often.

  12. Lora Reynolds says

    I love to entertain in the summer because I love to BBQ. I have my friends bring a dish, I provide the meat and homemade dessert. I can’t wait for summer!

  13. Rebecca H says

    Hi, we save by growing our own vegetables. We also ask people to bring a dish to pass, then we get to sample some new foods also!

  14. vikki says

    We use the grill a great deal to keep house cooler, we also cook tougher cheaper cuts of meat in the crockpot for things like sandwiches to cut the heat and save on grocery $. Cold sandwiches and veggies with dip and salads are another way to save on electricity. Rice, pasta and grain salads go a long way and save on protein. Rule number one in my house is the big oven is not to be turned on until Sept. if it cools off enough by then. If it doesn’t fit in my toaster oven ( nice toaster/convection oven) it doesn’t get cooked in an oven. Crockpot also works well for a lot of baking such as potatoes, lasagna roll-ups, meatloaf that sorta thing. This is Tx it gets hot early and stays hot for about 5- 6 mo, so summer cooking is a big deal.

  15. vikki says

    I also follow on facebook and I’d tweet if I could remember my acct name and password…. can’t you tell I use it often…lol

    • vikki says

      btw I love the bowls and the would be great for salad, sandwich or potato bars.
      So stinking cute!

  16. Taivins says

    I save on summer entertaining by stocking up on snacks whenever there is a sale!