Printable Coupons


Here are some of the latest and hottest printable coupons:

$.50/1 Starkist Tuna packets (These are on sale at my Kroger for $1 until 11/5.  Coupon doubles to $1, making the pouches FREE!)

$.75 Wishbone Salad Dressing

$.55 Aunt Millie’s Early American loaf bread

$1/2 Ronzoni Pastas

$.75/1 Wacky Mac Pasta

All sorts of Hasbro Toy Coupons (Think early Christmas shopping!)

COOL FREEBIE: Free Sample of Carmex (Thanks FreeStuff4Free!)

Be sure to check out all the printable coupons available at Smart Source and!

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  1. Jess T says

    I’m confused about the coupons. I am trying to find the $.50 off the starkist tuna coupon but its not at the site you linked to. Any suggestions?

      • Jess T says

        hmm still didn’t work. Dh is suggesting I try some different zip codes.

        When I click on the words in the post I am taken to the page but there is no starkist coupon there.

        I’ll keep on trying… I really want that coupon! lol

        • says

          @Jess T,

          It is possible that it has expired! Usually coupons stay up for a while, but “hot” coupons like this one can disappear quickly. I did see this coupon posted on lots of other sites. Whenever a coupons “total” number of prints is reached, it comes off of If it is re-released, I’ll let you know. I’m sorry that it has appeared to have expired and I wasn’t aware. It happens!

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