Pork and Colorful Veggies

This is a colorful dish! It irks me when my kids have the following lunch (although a popular one…it’s all ONE color!)…

Canteloupe, Mac n Cheese, Cheese Cubes

A little too much YELLOW for me!

I love colorful meals…it means a greater variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals will be going into your body and helping maintain, heal and restore everything!

Also, STEAMing is the BEST way to cook the veggies that must be cooked (sweet potatoes, squash). When vegetables are cooked, many of the naturally occuring enzymes and nutrients are broken down. Your body wants the “raw” nutrients and the unbroken enzymes. They are the best for healing and maintenance of your body! Steaming reduces the amount of enzyme breakdown. Eating raw veggies (broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, cukes, etc.) is THE BEST!

3 Pork Chops ($2.34…Check the “Manager’s Special” section!!!)
2 large or 3 medium sweet potatoes ($1.50)
1 lb fresh green beans ($.99)
Butter or margarine ($.20)

1. Prepare pork chops as you wish…we love to grill…throw on a little marinade!
2. Slice or “stab” sweet potatoes. Place in baking dish with 1/4 inch water and cover with foil. This will make for deliciously juicy and tender sweet potatoes. Cook 50 minutes at 350.
3. Rinse green beans. Snap off any “stems” if needed. Steam about 6 minutes in steamer. (Or cook in microwave 6 minutes covered with plastic wrap if steamer is not an option).
4. Serve with butter if you wish. (I prefer butter…it may have a higher fat content, which is good for the little’s one’s brains, but it is free of preservatives, dyes, hydrogenated oils, etc.!)

Cost $5.03

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  1. Hopefulone says

    I’ve enjoyed your blog:) Glad I stopped by. You’ll make me eat healthier! Can’t wait to try the Zucchini Stew.

  2. Martha A. says

    We had a great dinner the other night- boiled potatoes – produce stand $1.50 for 10 lbs yellow potatoes grown locally(We cooked 6 large ones), tomato and cucumber salad- free my garden, boiled beets- grown locally produce stand $1, zucchini- free- my garden, fresh peaches- $1 (.70 a pound produce stand)
    – Very Yummy!
    It was cheap too! You can visit my blog if you want, http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/martha

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