Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi – Lunchbox Inspiration

So this is one of those….DUH…”why hadn’t I thought of that” moments for me. We’ve done all kinds of things with PBJ…but never “sushi.” Even though my kids have no idea what sushi is…they’ll definitely get a kick out of these!

Details and instructions from Bon Appetit on Yahoo.

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Photo Credit: Jif.


  1. says

    We call them jelly rolls, my oldest just doesn’t like peanut butter, and my youngest goes back and forth, sometimes she asked for a PB&J roll.I bet she would get a kick out of it if I packaged them up like sushi and gave her chopsticks.

  2. Jules says

    someone on the site suggested to roll them tight, wrap in plastic wrap and put in fridge for a few before cutting, to make them not so squishy.

  3. kate says

    Trendy name or not, super cute & my 11 year old immediately went off & made these 😛 they turned out super cute. In order to make them not squish down, the second set I helped her and used a serrated bread knife to cut them.

  4. says

    Larger lakes, rivers and ocean waters create a suitable habitat for varieties such as the bay,.
    Your sushi rice needs to be nice and sticky to get perfect sushi, so just cooking a pot of rice
    isn’t going to cut it. The best rice to use for sushi is a short-grained sticky rice.


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