Kitchen Foul

See that little red light back there.  It means that a burner on the stovetop is still hot.

It also means that it’s probably not a good idea to put oven mitts right on top of the smoking hot burner.

(I’m just thankful that I was standing right there to smell it before it burst into flames.)

Keepin’ it real friends!


  1. Tia Rasmussen says

    Ha! From the little picture on FB it looked like a decorated cake. So glad all your hard work on a cake wasn’t burned up. I just got a new flat top range and find myself doing the silly thing a lot. I think the burners should still look red until they are cool. It would be helpful.

  2. leigh anne says

    I had some bags of Chex Mix sitting in my crockpot yesterday and somehow the darn thing got turned on! Smelly plastic heating up, yuck! At least I caught it before it actually melted. So glad you didn’t catch the kitchen on fire!!

  3. Tonya says

    I managed to melt a plastic strainer the same way. I had drained the pasta, put it into what ever dish I was creating and put the strainer back on the pot and the pot on the hot (ignoring the red light) burner and suddenly I smelled plastic melting. They both went straight out the back door with their toxic smoke. Pot and strainer were both ruined.

  4. Tabby says

    One year my grandmother gave me these animal oven mitts. Feeling obligated to use them since she was over for dinner. I was taking a roast out of the oven and did not realize the ears from the rabbit were on the bottom coil and they caught fire. After that I put the little blue piggy up as decoration. To funny that night…

  5. says

    Oh this made me laugh! My wonderful mother in law does this often, we call it pulling a Diane. She’s also known for baking air for long periods of time (leaving the oven on with nothing in it). 😀

  6. says

    Ah, yes! I melted a plastic plate once. Ugh.

    And one time, while I was roasting pumpkin seeds in the oven, I opened the door to check on them and dropped a wad of paper towel into the bottom of the oven. Nothing like a burning ball of paper to cause some excitement!

    Good think you were home!

    P.S. My grandmother-in-law once turned on the burners without taking the burner covers off her stove… She has earned the nickname “High Heat Johnson” :-)

  7. ginger71 says

    Totally agree that the burners should stay reddish until they can’t scorch anything!
    Last month, I put a soup kettle of water on to bring to a boil and forgot it. Everything steamed up and then, I smelled the really HOT pan. Yikes! Didn’t ruin the pot; thicker steel, I guess.
    The worst thing to forget on a stove? Eggs, hands down.
    I think it would be nice if stoves came with timers on the individual burners that could shut them off at the end of the desired cooking period.

  8. Fiery says

    As nice as the flat top ranges are I would never want one of my own. I could just imagine all the things that could be set on a hot burner without a thought. I would also be afraid that one of the kids would touch the surface not realizing where the burner was and get seriously burned.

    My aunt had one put on the end of her island which is just a few steps from the door to the garage. She always comes right in and sets something down on it. Thankfully she’s never set anything on fire though there have been a few close calls.

  9. says

    That is why I got rid of the gas stove… the safety of the rest of the family. I set a wooden spoon and an oven mitt on fire when I still had gas. I told my mother in law that you shouldn’t use the stove as another surface to cut out coupons on for that same reason :) She never looks at the light!!

  10. cheryl says

    I once set an empty oversized delivery pizza box in the oven until the next trash night because it was too large to fit in the trash can and wouldnt you know it the next night, I set the oven to broil and forgot I had put that pizza box in the oven, by the time I smelled something, it was in flames in my oven!
    Everybody and everything was ok, thank goodness!

  11. MKS says

    I have once done everything mentioned above! That’s bad! Even had a little stove top fire last June. Turned the burner on high, then stepped outside for just a few minutes. It was the wrong burner & my cutting board & timer were sending flames up in the air “only” about a foot high. Luckily I had a sink full of dirty dishwater & splashed that on the fire. Boy did I have a mess to clean up. I’m mostly better about keeping extra stuff off the stove now. Mostly.

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