Pantry Challenge Week & Meal Plan

It just took a quick look through the fridge, pantry and freezer to know that this week would be a pantry challenge week! We are fully stocked up with plenty of food to make it through the week. We’ve got what we need for grilling out a few meals, and enough for spaghetti and homemade pizza too. And the GF pizza crust and GF spaghetti that I ordered from came yesterday, so we’re all set for the week!

We’ve got plenty of chicken from the last $1.99/lb sale, and I scored some discounted steaks at the store last week that we’ll grill up this weekend. Bring it on, Summer!

The only things I need to pick up from the store this week…bread, toilet paper & some polish for our hardwood floors (keeping them extra shiny while the house is for sale!). It will certainly be strange just having 3 things in my cart!

So here’s what we’ll be eating…

Our Pantry Challenge Week Meal Plan

We’ll likely pick up a few things for Monday’s potluck we’re hosting…but the menu has yet to be determined! Otherwise, we’re set for the week!

Anyone else on a pantry challenge this week?

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