Pantry Challenge – The Final Shopping Update (Plus a Peek into My Bare Fridge!)

Shopping with the $5 Dinner Mom

So this month I really wanted to take more advantage of the local farmer’s market…and spend as little as possible at the grocery store.

I succeeded in my second goal, but didn’t get to the farmer’s market.  But I did get a few garden goodies from a friend whose garden is overflowing!

Despite being out of town for a week earlier this month, I’ve managed to clear out the fridge, make a sizeble dent in the freezers, and barely make my $150 spending goal.

(Forgive the iPhone photo-fuzz)

This is my refrigerator after putting away the few things I bought from the store. I will be relying on fresh frozen fruit that I’ve got in the freezer for smoothies this week…and the rest of the frozen vegetables that I’ve got in the freezer.

I am very much looking forward to getting back to our regular grocery spending of $65-$75 per week!


That’s it for this week…

  • Really green bananas
  • Bread, Tortillas and MS bagels for the kids (They’ve been very good and patient with this pantry challenge thus far!)
  • Lots of milk, yogurt and delimeat

Total spent at Kroger: $25.62

Total for the month: $120.85 + $25.62 = $146.47 plus I forgot eggs, so I’ll bop back in for a dozen and spend another dollar!

Plus, don’t forget to see what’s happening in the rest of the Summertime Pantry Challenge Gang’s Kitchens and Gardens!!!

Thanks to Andrea at Savings Lifestyle and Marcy at Stretching a Buck for posting the best deals and coupon matchups at my stores each week! Find the coupon match-ups for your grocery store at The Frugal Map!


  1. Irene D. says

    I must say, even though your frig. is empty it certainly is a lot cleaner than mine. I guess it’s time to fill it up.

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