CLOSED! Packing School Lunches – Easy Lunchboxes Giveaway

Thanks for all your entries and love for Easy Lunchboxes! This giveaway is now closed.

Winners are…

Donna B

Congrats…hope you enjoy your new lunchboxes!!!

Packing school lunches is not only frugal, but can really support a healthy and green lifestyle as well.

Have you had one of those…oh my goodness moments…recently?!? Like I was visiting with a friend recently while our kids were at VBS and she was raving on and on about these lunchboxes.

And then a few days later, I was watching a short little clip on the Today Show app on my phone and wouldn’t you know…THE SAME lunchboxes were being featured on The Today Show.

*light bulb moment*

My oh my goodness moment for bento lunch boxes!

And to top it all off…I found out that EasyLunchboxes is the #1 best seller in the category “lunch boxes” on!! And they offer FREE shipping on all their products through their Amazon Store!

It took me all of 3 seconds to get on their site and email them asking if they’d like to do a giveaway as part of “Back to School Lunch Week.”

Kelly kindly obliged…so here you go!!!

We’re giving away 3 of the easy lunchboxes sets….each contains 4 containers that are BPA, lead, vinyl, all kinds of chemical free, along with a cooler that fits all 4 filled containers. All are washable, containers are dishwasher safe…and they will make your life

The cooler is perfect for lunch on the run, picnics, homeschool lunches at the park, museum or other gathering. If you are sending the containers in individual lunch boxes, they fit in most standard sized rectangular lunchboxes.

Just as the name says…they truly are…



Contest Details

1. Contest ends Wednesday, August 17th at 5 pm EST.

5. Winner will be selected by Winners will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email with further instructions.

*Disclosure: I did receive an Easy Lunchbox for review. All opinions here are my own.


  1. says

    I like how we would know which lunch belongs to which kid based on lid color. I love how easy it will be to have everyone’s lunches in one bag! Going back to the site to check out more lunch on the go ideas!

  2. amy bower says

    I really like the bento’s son is very picky and will not eat if his foods touch each other. This would be a blessing. :)



  4. karen says

    I likedthe lunch boxes. What a fun & easy idea. I really like how I can pack everything into one item & that it fits into the lunch box so well.

  5. says

    Thank you for introducing me to Easy Lunchboxes (via your FB page…)! I love that they’re free of all chemicals, yet they’re durable, dishwasher and microwave safe. That’s a hard combo to find. My toddler is in need of a lunchbox and this looks like the most affordable, chemical-free option I’ve seen yet!

  6. Lisa D says

    I like the fact that its sectioned off into adult portion sizes… hubby just found out he’s diabetic, and in regular containers, his lunches tend to get bigger than they ought to!

  7. Tracy says

    I like that these containers are chemical free but what I like most is they would make my life easier and save me money. I pack lunch for 2 boys everyday. It would allow me to easily put everything in one container. I would go through as many sandwich and snack bags. I could also ‘assign’ colors to the kids and know who gets which lunch if I do them up the night before.

  8. Rana says

    Oh my gosh, i was so excited to see these. I have been looking for something like this for a while. It seals around each section, fits in a lunch box. No more 3 seperate containers for lunch! Yay!!!!!!!

  9. jodi says

    I love that they figured out a way to add more liquidy items to the container without leaks. We always struggle with the same thing. I would love to win these.

  10. Yvonne Constante says

    I adore these lunchboxes! I love the idea of sustainable, reusable products to cut down on waste. These would help me organize my family’s lunches! My six year old would only have one container to open, rather than the 3 that I currently pack. This is a wonderful product!

  11. Brandy says

    I have a six year old daughter who will be packing lunch for the first time this year. I have been trying to figure out how to pack a healthy lunch (with fruit) without it getting smashed before she eats it. These would be perfect and I hope I win!! Thank You!

  12. teresa says

    I love that they are different colors, and that the food will not touch each other in their compartments. Awesome creation!

  13. Beth says

    LOVE these lunch boxes! I like 5$ dinners on Facebook and also EAsy lunchboxes. Easyluncheboxes would make my life so much easier since school is starting earllier this year for my boys. They start at 7:45 and so being able to pre-pacl the night before in these great containers would rock my world and make mornings so much easier!

  14. Samantha R says

    I love that they are dishwasher and microwave safe. This would be great for meeting dad for picnics at the park at lunch!

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