Our Portion Sizes

Here is an example of the boy’s plate. They had chili with cheese, pears and corn from the cob. Depending on the meal and its “popularity” and the time of their last snack, they will either clean their plate or just “graze!” Certainly a frustrating issue for any mom with toddlers…but rest assured, they are getting proper nutrition!

Here is an example of the size of what hubby and I eat. This meal of Pork with Peaches fills up our dinner plate. See the meal for the amounts I cooked and cost breakdown.

Here is what we ate for lunch…on 2 different plates for comparison. This is not the best example, but…it shows the point well enough. We both ate tuna sandwiches/melts, with a slice of watermelon. We also ate a slice of leftover Zucchini Pineapple Bread to top off the meal. The smaller plate looks more “full” and the larger plate has a little room (minus the ackwardly placed watermelon slice!). If your regular size dinner plate is overflowing, your portions are too large! Don’t let “restaurant portions” deceive you! They are WAY too big!

Happy Dining with regular portions!


  1. beth@thenaturalmommy says

    Thank you for the pictures, the explanation, and the reminder that our portions, as Americans, are too large anyways!

    …but convincing my husband of the latter is an entirely different matter!

    (Oh! I rhymed!)

  2. Betsy says

    I’ve even started measuring things by the cup to educate my eyes on what a normal portion should look like. And, I’m often amazed at what my kids’ plates look like once I cut up what looked like a very small serving. The little pieces spread out over the plate and seem like much more food! We also usually serve our plates from the stove–less grazing at the table once we’re full that way.

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