Organic Product Coupons

Recently a reader asked about organic products and coupons. I wanted to share pass along some links that Crystal recently posted on MoneySavingMom. Mambo Sprouts has a few new coupons that can be found here. I was recently at Whole Foods in San Antonio. At the customer service desk that has Mambo Sprouts coupons IN BULK. There was a newsletter that contained MANY great coupons for the different products that are sold at Whole Foods, and other grocery stores. I used several of the coupons at Kroger, as they were “manufacturer’s coupons” and not specific to Whole Foods. So if you’re a Whole Foods shopper, be sure to ask about it! Crystal at MoneySavingMom also posted this link to the coupons on

I also recommend that you search the “Coupon Database” on Hot Coupon World. I was looking for coupons for rice milk since that is what my boys are now drinking. I did not find any that were in circulation at the time, so I contacted a company that makes rice milk and requested a few coupons. About two weeks later, an envelope filled with coupons showed up in my mailbox, just in time as the sale was about to end! It never hurts to ask!

A new site that I did not know about! Thanks to Paula for pointing us all to this great site!

For a much more comprehensive listing of organic product lines and their websites, check out MommySnacks’ Organic and Natural Products Post!


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