Organic Ingredient Price List for Costco

Organic Ingredient Price List for Costco

The reason that our family decided to get a Costco membership is because of the rice milk. 5 of 6 family members are rice milk drinkers and the cost difference of buying rice milk at Costco vs. the grocery store allows us to ‘pay our membership fee back’ in about 10 weeks time. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by many of their products and prices…and very surprised and pleased with the number of affordable organic products they sell. I decided to compile a list, and mark the list with the best organic options for those on a tight budget.

When you see a price in red, it means that I highly recommend buying that organic ingredient from Costco because it costs less than the grocery store…and even the same price or better as the conventional, non-organic product. If you are wanting to add more organic ingredients into your diet without sacrificing your budget, I’d start with the ones with the red coloring.

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This is not an exhaustive list and I’ll be adding to it often, and updating prices as needed.

Final note, prices may vary by store and region. These prices were taken from a San Antonio, TX, store in early June 2014.

Happy organicizing your budget!!! 

{More made up words…I just love making up words!}


Meats and Seafood

Whole Chicken – $2.49/lb.
Boneless skinless chicken breasts – $5.99/lb.
Boneless skinless chicken thighs – $4.79/lb.
Ground beef – $4.49/lb.
Wild Alaskan Cod, 2 lb. – $15.89

Refrigerated Ingredients

Eggs, 2 dozen – $7.25
Orange Juice, gallon – $7.99
Uncured bacon, 4 lb. – $17.39
Milk, 3 pack 1/2 gallons – $10.99
Butter, 2 lbs. – $7.69
Apple juice, gallon – $5.99

Frozen Fruits and Veggies

Frozen blueberries, 4 lb. – $13.99
Frozen green beans, 5 lb. – $6.79
Frozen broccoli, 4 lb. – $6.29
Frozen mixed vegetables, 5 lb. – $6.69
Frozen corn, 5 lb. – $5.99


Spring salad mix, 1 lb. – $3.99
Caesar salad kit, 1 lb. – $4.29
Kale, 1.5 lb – $5.29
Greens, 1.5 lb. – $5.29
Spinach, 1 lb. – $4.49
Peeled baby carrots, 5 lb. – $5.49
Sliced apples, 8 pack – $9.99

Pantry Staples

Peanut butter, 2 pack 28 oz. jars – $10.99
Strawberry jam, 42 oz. – $6.99
Agave nectar, 2 pack, 36 oz. each – $10.79
Maple syrup, 1 Liter – $12.79
Pumpkin Granola, 36 oz. – $7.99
Chia seeds, 32 oz. – $13.99
Coconut Oil, 54 oz .- $15.79
Whole wheat flour, 20 lb. – $14.79
Brown rice, 12 lb. – $14.79
Spaghetti noodles, 6 lb. – $6.59
Spiral noodle pasta, 4 lb – $6.89
Red quinoa, 4 lb. – $9.99
Chicken stock, 6 pack, 32 oz. each – $11.69
Lemon-ginger salad dressing, 32 oz. – $5.79
Salsa, 2 pack, 38 oz. each – $7.29


Apple & Eve Juice Boxes, 27 ct. – $10.59
Rice milk, 12 quarts – $13.99
Soy milk vanilla, 12 quarts – $14.49
Soy milk, 12 quarts – $14.99
Whole bean coffee, 2.2 lb. – $14.99

Canned Goods

Canned black beans, 8 pack, 15 oz. each – $6.79
Canned garbanzo beans, 8 pack, 15 oz. each – $6.79
Canned diced tomatoes, 8 pack, 15 oz. each – $6.29
Canned tomato paste, 12 pack, 6 oz. each – $6.39
Canned tomato sauce, 12 pack, 15 oz. each – $7.59
Canned stewed tomatoes, 8 pack, 15 oz. each – $5.99

Bread & Chips

Sandwich bread, 2 24 oz. loaves – $5.99
Tortilla chips, 40 oz. $4.79

Snacks & Sweet Treats

Animal crackers, 64 oz. – $8.99
Sunmaid raisins, 4 lb. – $8.89
Trail mix, 24 oz. – $4.99
Pumpkin seeds, 16 oz. – $9.79
Yum Earth Fruit Snacks, 40 bags – $8.69
Clif 100% Fruit Leather, 24 ct. – $10.79
Apple Chips, 14 oz. – $6.99
Chocolate covered Coconut Bananas, 16 oz. – $7.69

What are your favorite organic ingredients to purchase from Costco?!

Disclaimer: I have no formal relationship with Costco and am not paid by them to share this list. I am not affiliated with them and am not endorsed by them.

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We have a Costco membership and get quite a few things. I have my favorites too. Will figure out how to print out your list and look for some of those items. There are only 3 of us here, so rarely drink that much milk any more. But wind up buying it on sale when our fav brand is on sale at Walgreens quite often, Spring Valley Dairy. Thanks!

Are all of the items listed organic products (including the eggs and meat) or just items in red? Thanks for the great information!

Here in the Boston area, the chia seed price at Costco is dramatically cheaper than at the other stores. On the other hand, organic milk at Costco comes out to almost $8 per gallon. This is more expensive than at any other store in my area, including Whole Foods ($5.79/gallon) and Trader Joe’s ($5.99/gallon).

Wow! That is amazing that your Costco membership pays for itself so quickly and for one item. We find that it is definitely worth the cost of membership and we don’t go often as it is 2 1/2 hours away from us. My favorite frugal purchases are whole chicken, cheese, and fresh & frozen veggies. Thank you for this great list!

I’m excited about the organic bacon! Haven’t found that yet in our Oregon Costco. Or the whole wheat flour. I’ll be looking. Anyone know how much the strawberries are?

We have organic whole carrots (10 lb bag), organic bananas (.69 c/lb in 3 lb bunches), and frozen peas. Takes a whole to get through the carrots and peas, but easy on the wallet! Thanks for the list!

This is the first time I became interested in Costco, but I am glad I did some research before joining for Costco’s organic foods! It turns out that Aurora provides Costco’s Dairy products and Aurora nearly lost the ability to sell their products as organic in 2007. Aurora is not a company I want to support.
Costco’s organic chicken (from what info I found) seems to be supplied by Coleman organic. From what I have found online about them, I would likely buy from them after some more research.
So now I have to decide if I want to pay $50 for a membership to a store 45 mins away, primarily to buy organic chicken. Hmm, not sure about that.

This is a great list! I wanted to give you a heads up tho that the coconut oil has gone up in price 🙁 I just saw this the other day. And maybe it’s just our area ones in Overland Park, KS but I was so bummed! It was an unreal price for size and it being organic!

(3) 32 oz glass jars of organic Classico pasta sauce for $8.99 in VA. Ours have also started carrying a number of other things I don’t have the prices for, yet. Things such as a sprouted organic 3-bean dried mix, organic dried fruit blend, gluten free flours, etc.

BPA free cans can have BPS or BPF to replace the BPA ! You might want to look into BPA free cans There not as healthy as we thought !

Exploring difference with COSTCO and Sam’s. If I get a membership with either they’d have to have ORGANIC products. Both of us are organic, gluten free and non-GMO foodies. 32 products counted at SAMs. Let’s see what firm cares more for the wise eater.

Food in Canada costs twice as much. A gallon of milk would be around $15, ground beef is $10.00/lb, chicken at 11.00/ 500g.