{CLOSED} One Dish Dinners Cookbook – Giveaway {10 Winners} {And an “It’s a…” Announcement!}

It’s Friday…still not sure how it got here so quickly. But I guess it was a 4 day week. We survived our first week of Tyler being in preschool. It’s extremely strange to come home to a quiet house after having littles with me 24- 7 for the past 7 years. Although, that will all change in January when we are inundated with burp clothes, tiny newborn diapers, monitors, nursing covers and the like. And…

We found out a few weeks ago that we are having ANOTHER BOY!

While yes, I did share this on the $5 Dinners Facebook page, I just realized I hadn’t shared it here, my apologies!

Bring on the testosterone!

We are thrilled to be welcoming another little man into our home…all the more rough and tumble. And Legos. And trains.

Speaking of boys, this is what I came home to on Thursday night, after being in Dallas for the day…

I walked into the house and heard my mom and all 3 boys howling with laughter in their bedroom. I wandered up, slightly fearful of what I might find them doing. The boys discovered that they could hang their underwear on the blades of the ceiling fan (which the older two can reach easily from the top bunk, but of course know not to touch when it’s moving), then when they turned it on, they’d go flying all over the room. Charlie kept saying it was raining underwear. There was but only one thing I could do…join in the laughter!

So this is the last day for the daily giveaways of my One Dish Dinners Cookbook…this week! We’ve got a couple more days next week, so stay tuned!

The One Dish Dinners cookbook is for every busy home chef, moms and dads alike, who are struggling to come up with creative dinner ideas that won’t cost an arm and a leg, AND that won’t leave a ginormous mess in the sink!

With this cookbook, you’ll have more variety on the dinner table, meals that please your family, more money in your pocketbook, less time in the kitchen and way less mess to deal with at the end of the day!

I’ll be giving away 10 copies each day this week, but they are only “live” for 24 hours. You can enter up to 5 times on each giveaway. Please leave separate comments for your separate entries!

1. Contests will start and end at 5 pm EST each day this week.

  • Entry #1: Leave a comment sharing your favorite way to save time or money in the kitchen!
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Good luck!!!


  1. Rebekah Villanueva says

    My husband just bought me a new food processor today. I’m so excited! I want to do a lot of prep cooking and freeze it to have it on hand for when I’m having bad days. I can’t wait to get started!!

  2. Amanda says

    To save time, I like to cook extra of whatever is for dinner. Eztra grilled chicken becomes grilled chicken salads a couple of night later, extra roast chicken turns into chicken casserole, extra baked potatoes become loaded baked potato soup, etc.

  3. Anna C. says

    My favorite way to save time in the kitchen is to pre-cook making big batches of meat or doubling casseroles to freeze. It is such a wonderful feeling for my husband to cook a frozen casserole I’ve prepared and I don’t have to do a thing!

  4. Patti Keil says

    I save time by cooking extra rice, pasta, and potatoes to help put meals together quicker or for my daughters and husband to warm up. We all work different shifts and having some basics already cooked helps so that I don’t have to cook so many different meals!

  5. Carol B says

    I don’t waste anything. If we have a few veggies left, I will put them in a “garbage” bowl in the freezer. When the bowl gets full, I make a pot of soup. Nothing goes to waste in my house.

  6. bonnie walker says

    I usually make enough food for leftovers. I changed all my bowls to Pyrex this year so I can easily see my leftovers and re-heat them.

  7. stevie says

    I try saving time during soccer nights by preparing and cooking dinner before I pick my middle son up from school.

  8. Heather Holub says

    Congrats on your next boy! When will your freezer meal baby plan come out?? That’s how we save money, buy cheap and store in freezer (meal or meat form acceptable).

  9. Wendi S says

    I save so much time in the morning when I remember to put a breakfast casserole or baked oatmeal in the fridge the night before :)

  10. Pamela Wheeler says

    I am a very loyal subscriber to your newsletter….Keep up the great work!

    Also….so happy for you that you will be having another boy!